N.tic - Once Again



N.tic is a 4-member boy group under JJ Entertainment. They were previously known as J-PEACE as well as New-Ace, but before their official debut they changed their name to N.tic. There was some buzz about this group due to one of the members previously being in BOYS24, but I didn't really pay much attention to them, so that didn't affect me. I didn't get a chance to look at any teaser pictures or anything, so my expectations were a completely blank slate coming into this.

The Song

The beginning of the song previews the main melody on a music box before the song begins. A cheerful, soft synth is the main instrument of focus, though a heavily drowned guitar and piano are there as well. We get a an electric guitar lick to transition the first verse to the pre-chorus, but it's brief and crops up only once more throughout the song. The pre-chorus is otherwise fairly indistinct from the verse, and then the chorus falls along the same lines.

The quality of the instrumentals in this song sound very scratchy at times. It kind of sounds like this was produced in 2013 and is just being released, honestly. The song is instrumentally and vocally uninteresting and uninspired in my opinion. It doesn't really strike me as a song that will be memorable past anybody who are already fans. On the positive side, the rap showed some promise among the members. There's a lot of work to be done all-around, though, and it sadly it bled too much into the song for me to enjoy.

The Video

The video starts off showing a toy, a crashed chandelier, a model of a house, and a chess set. Then we move into scenes of the members all sitting around or dancing the choreography in a few settings. We've got a rooftop scene and the indoors scene (which houses those items I listed). All of the guys are in suits, either black or pink depending on the shots, but other than that they aren't really doing much than sitting and singing, or performing the choreo. 

Some shots for this MV seem a lot more attended to than others. Almost half of them come off as being shot on a cellphone while a handful look like legitimate shots. Still, a majority are very poorly shot, with shaky, unstable camera shots and random blurs interjecting in. Not to mention the out of frame items that frequently obscured members being a major issue. I'm honestly not sure if those shots were intentional, but either way, they come across as very amateur and more annoying than anything else.


For a debut this was kind of tame and it didn't really set anything as a solid departure from other boy groups. Instead, JJ Entertainment played it safe and conformed N.tic to a standard soft-pop type of song that sounds like a b-side from literally any other group. I really hope that this doesn't halt whatever momentum the group had going for them, but I can't say that I recommend this song at all unless you're into songs you feel like you've heard tons of times before.