It’s been pretty much five months on the dot since NU’EST W’s last comeback. With this being potentially the last time we’ll see the sub-unit for some time to come, I wish that I had more time to appropriately get myself ready to do this review. However, real life doesn’t work out perfectly and I couldn’t get to browse through the all of the teasers leading up to this release. Still, with how NU’EST W’s past releases have been, I knew that I had to expect something heavier, grittier, and darker, but with some possibility of an unexpected twist.

The Song

I think this might be the first time that I wasn’t entirely on board with what NU’EST W were putting out. I’m unsure of how to describe the song - it’s not one note, and yet it feels like there’s a constant droning that lacks enough variance to give it a good sense of progression. Instrumentally I didn’t think it was too interesting, either. I just felt like while everything individually worked, in tandem it didn’t really amount to anything that I enjoyed hearing. It wasn’t overly loud and it definitely wasn’t a problem of it being too quiet - it’s just not my personal taste at all.

Vocally, however, this was pretty damn great. There was so much versatility presented between all of the members and that’s only magnified when their voices interact and synergize with each other constantly in this track. I think that it’s a bit unfortunate that I couldn’t find myself digging the song, though. I just don’t find much of it to be all that catchy. The bridge was probably the major exception to all of my critiques, though - that part is gorgeously done and I could probably listen to that single part over and over again. I just wish more of the song felt like that.

The Video

Alright, so first off I want to say that I absolutely love the use of Morse code in the form of a tattoo that actually spells out “HELP ME” on Ren’s hand. It’s a nice touch that’s subtle, but it adds a lot of impact in a unique and interesting way without being over-complicated to a point that the average person wouldn’t be able to at least guess what the message is. It’s a fantastic use of an idea that hasn’t been overplayed and I really really loved its inclusion.

Okay, my fawning over that aside, this video was pretty solid. There’s enough time set for choreography and individual member scenes while still weaving in a coherent story in-between. Not only that, but they actually had a purpose for intertwining the members having separate scenes that made sense. All of that combined along with the fact that the video ends on a devastatingly perfect note that reminds fans that NU’EST is about to see the return of their final member after his time with Wanna One? This video was just absolutely stellar.

I’ll admit that I do wish there was a bit more color to it, though. A lot of this felt washed out and the heavy use of dull colors, while fitting for the tone of song, left me wanting to see pretty much anything else after the video was over. With just a touch more color added into this video, I think I would have been in heaven. Still, though, it was a solid video with some great ideas and execution.


I don’t think that this will be the last we’ll see of NU’EST W even though they’ll be able to promote as a full group with Minhyun’s return. I think that they proved themselves as an incredibly talented and underrated group. I hope that between the Produce 101 appearance, the impact of Wanna One in general, and this subunit’s success within the mainstream, that the full group finally gets the attention that they deserve. If you’re a fan of dramatic, heavier styles of music, I think “HELP ME” would be a great addition to your playlist.