NU'EST W - I Don't Care (with Spoonz)



It’s barely been three months since we last saw NU’EST W, but it appears as though they aren’t going to let up on the content train. Sadly, I didn’t really have a chance to check out any of the teaser images or anything of that nature for this comeback, so I didn’t know what to expect. Their last song was so different from their debut as a subunit, and I couldn’t imagine where they might head next. The thumbnail kind of spoiled that for me, obviously, but I was curious to see what the group might do for a more lighthearted track. 

The Song

This is a song that pulls back on the darker, heavier vibes that NU’EST W has been putting out. Instead we veer pretty heavily into playful, cutesy territory, though it stays away from getting too childish. It’s a track designed to make you feel happy and I think it absolutely nails that idea without a hitch. The piano, synth keys, drum patterns, and vocals are all bright and cheerful and they make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

For me, I don’t think that I had much to sink my teeth into for this song, though. It’s cute, it’s fun, but it’s just missing that hook that I can’t get out of my head. It was definitely a pleasant surprise to see the boys shift into a wildly different style than they’ve been doing though, and that’s something that I have no issue praising. Even as their full group they never did something quite as lively as “I Don’t Care,” and I’m glad that the renewed interest in the group is allowing them the wiggle room for exploration into ventures like these.

The Video

Much like the song, this video is incredibly vibrant. There’s a nice, soft color palette between the pinks and blues used here and I kind of like how it’s never really strayed away from too heavily. Even a majority of the outfits are styled to line up with that color combination. I know that this was a comeback that was made in collaboration with NCsoft, so it makes sense that there’s a much cuter style to everything. There’s a few instances where you can see some of the Spoonz characters in the video, too. I’m actually impressed that there wasn’t an overabundance of shots where they’re being thrown into your face, so kudos to NCsoft on that.

I think that this video is such a treat for fans of the group. It’s just an absolute ton of fan service, and it’s not shameful or shy about it in the least. Seriously, it’s really cute. If you don’t think it’s cute, you’re wrong. Past that, though, I don’t think too much needs to be said. It’s an entertaining three-and-a-half minutes and I personally really enjoyed it.


“I Don’t Care” is an adorable comeback from NU’EST W, and one that deviates so heavily from the sounds that the group has put out in the past. I don’t think that this is a song that will really wow people, or that it’s anything incredible and praise-worthy. But I think it’s something that will delight their fans and melt their hearts without a doubt. If you’re into charmingly cute concepts for boy groups, this is one that I’d recommend.