OH MY GIRL BANHANA - Banana allergy monkey



OH MY GIRL BANHANA is the first subunit to come out of OH MY GIRL, consisting of Hyojung, Binnie, and Arin. The days leading up to this release honestly left me almost as confused as SM doing anything with NCT does. Not only that, but the teaser images for this had me worried. I know a lot of people thought that they looked cute, but these are adult women that were dressed up in clothes that honestly looked like supersized baby outfits. Still, I went into this as an OH MY GIRL fan and hoped that the girls would be able to change my mind.

The Song

The start of this song sounds cute and innocent enough with the gameboy-like sound effects going on, but that sort of interesting sound fades into the background in favor of some synth progressions. They're still around and add flavor here and there, particularly at the bridge, which is probably my favorite part of the song. In any case, there's a lot to say about this track. The 8-bit chiptune sounds definitely work in favor of the track, adding in a healthy mix of sounds and broadening the instrumentals with some rather unique melodies.

Sadly, that's about all I can say that I enjoyed about this song. The verses are very childish, but good lord the instant that you hit the chorus, you're slapped with the most high-pitched baby vocals I think I've ever heard in a K-pop song. It's like they were deliberately attempting to be that sort of annoying cute that I could have sworn nobody actually likes. The repeated "oh yeah" lyric is easily the biggest offender, getting to the point of actually becoming grating on the ears while also making it painfully obvious that this song has little to provide in the way of a meaningful theme.

I really do my best not to sound so negative on songs I dislike, but this is another level of embarrassing that I haven't felt in a long time. I love OH MY GIRL, truly, but this song is going to be a strong contender for what I would consider to be the worst song of the year.

The Video

The video is in a much better standing for myself than the song is. There's a lot of ideas at play as well as a ton of brilliant colors and themes, and they pull together cohesively. A large variety of sets bring some good opportunities for the three members to show off their individual charms, and having less focus on so many members definitely helped in that aspect as well. 

I'm glad that there wasn't as much focus on the idea of them being monkeys as the teaser images were indicating, and more focus on them in a variety of outfits. As per usual, they all looked fantastic, and more importantly, they all had plenty of screen time for themselves. There's a good exhibition of the dance, though I found the dance to be a bit cringey and awkward with all of the scratching and what not. Obviously that matches the theme of the song, but it just looks ridiculous. Overall, the video was good and did a great job of showing a more lighthearted and fun side of OH MY GIRL that hasn't been a big focus in the past.


It's great that they're showing off a more quirky side to them that hasn't been entirely present in their releases to this point, but I wish it didn't have to be with this song. The unusual instrumentals were interesting, but they got drowned out by piercingly high-toned vocals, and I seriously can't grasp why they had the girls sing like that. If you're a fan of over-the-top aegyo,maybe this is for you, but otherwise I don't recommend it.