OH MY GIRL - Remember Me



It's been a good five months since we last saw OH MY GIRL, though technically it was only with the debut of their very first subunit. If you exclude that excursion, it's been just over eight months since we saw them as a full group. This time around, I went in with just a slight bit of hesitation because although I was a fairly big fan of several of their past releases, the BANHANA venture just really left a poor taste in my mouth. Still, I was pretty excited to see what the talented group would have to bring us this time around.

The Song

"Remember Me" is easily one of the most mature sounds that the group has gone for to date, and I definitely appreciate that difference in style that they were going for. It shows a clear attempt on their part to always try and expand their musical library with more and more diverse genres, but past that, it shows that they're an incredibly capable and talented group, which is something that I've always seen in them. They blend in with whatever musical environment they're thrust into, yes, but they also take the song and twist it into always have a distinct OH MY GIRL feel to it, and it's one of the things I love most about listening to them.

Now for the bad stuff, though, because not everything is all sunshine and roses for me in this track. The mid-verse shift to Mimi's energetic raps backed up with "oh" chants from the other members builds up the song in a fun and engaging way that I truly did love. But it drives the song into what I can really only describe as an unfortunately disappointing chorus. To expand on that idea, I actually quite like the chorus of this song. It's just the way that the pace feels like it's constantly quickening and leading to something big creates an expectation that just wasn't met. Additionally, the first bit of the bridge with the weird hushed talking parts felt like it completely broke the momentum of the track, and I personally could have done with that. The last real issue that I had with the song is how the pre-chorus transitioned into the chorus. It was completely unnoticeable on my first few listens. It seriously just felt and sounded like an extended pre-chorus, and while I do like how smooth that shift was, perhaps it was a bit too smooth.

I'll end this on some high praises, though. Seunghee's vocals during the chorus are divine. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I could listen to that specific portion of the song on repeat for the rest of the year and still get goosebumps. I loved that Binnie got so many lines in this song, and I hope that some level of reasonable parity can be achieved soon. I do think that this track is the most public-friendly song that we've gotten out of OH MY GIRL in quite some time, too, so I have high hopes for this one on the charts and on music shows. 

The Video

Alright, I've gotta start off with my favorite thing about this video - the colors. There were some heavy uses of purple shades, which I personally loved because it is my favorite color after all. I think that WM Entertainment is fully aware that OH MY GIRL's music videos have always been praised and enjoyed for their aesthetics, and "Remember Me" definitely does that legacy justice. There were some issues with lower quality during some of the scenes, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was intentional since those scenes in particular were going for a more aged aesthetic to begin with.

The choreography seemed a lot different to everything we've seen from the girls in their previous title tracks, but it looked interesting and I would love to see a full dance version or live performance to formulate a solid opinion on its entirety. There were a solid variety of cute sets used to create interesting scenes that were altogether cohesive in style, but different enough to keep from becoming stale for the duration of the video. There were some fun aesthetic options employed and even though you can tell that they were simple budgeted sets with some effects posted on afterward, it felt like an intentional artistic decision.

Earlier I mentioned that this was easily OH MY GIRL's most matured comeback to date, and I think that this video and the styling of the girls matches that statement. They all looked incredible and I'm even more excited to see their future endeavors from here on out. Overall I liked this video and I enjoyed that it didn't really pretend to be anything more than it was. It was a simple fun party-styled video with some over-the-top ideas mixed in, and that was more than enough to keep me entertained.


"Remember Me" is a comeback that has that unmistakable OH MY GIRL atmosphere and aesthetic stitched into its very essence. While I personally may not have enjoyed this track as much as others due to the lack of payoff, I absolutely appreciate and love the direction for the group. If you were a fan of "Secret Garden" I think that this is a great followup, and if you're into an interesting, diverse set of sounds, this is one song I can definitely recommend.