PENTAGON - Naughty boy



It's been just a little over five months since we had a comeback from PENTAGON. Since then, a lot of controversy has happened, but that's a story for a different day. I didn't really have a moment to catch any of the teasers for this comeback, so I jumped into this one with no expectations whatsoever. I just wanted a solid song to follow up on the great track record they've been setting for themselves.

The Song

"Naughty boy" somewhat picks up where the group left off with "Shine." It's a lighthearted song that's designed from the ground up to make you feel good and to let go of your worries. For me, however, it feels a bit empty. Maybe I'm letting my thoughts and emotions about the whole E'Dawn situation cloud my judgement, but "Naughty boy" just doesn't seem to have the same sort of impact as some of PENTAGON's other tracks do for me. On top of that, the chorus has another one of those everybody chanting together things that I just loathe. That on top of whistling? Any long-time reader knows that's a perfect recipe to get me to not like a song. I don't really know how I feel about that pseudo-E'Dawn starter with the "mm" sound, either.

All of that aside, I think the verses were alright. They didn't quite hit the mark for me to be entirely memorable or enjoyable, but they flowed nicely with the rest of the track. It all felt cohesive and well-produced, and I really enjoyed how not serious everything about it was. The background vocals full of emotion during the chorus were probably my favorite part of this overall, but I still don't think I can say that I was sold on this track as a whole.

The Video

Okay, we need to talk about this choreography. Seriously, whoever invented this dance is some kind of demented genius. It's so bizarrely entertaining and captivating and I love it in a way that I don't think I knew I could. The video is very much in the same vein of being oddly adorable and disturbingly charming. Part of this video is car wash nonsense, part of it is construction work nonsense, and then nearly half of it is frog nonsense. Tossed in with bits of weirdness that are lyrically-sensitive like eating fried chicken? This is one of the most interesting rides I've taken this year, I think.

While the lack of presence from E'Dawn and Yanan is definitely noticeable, I think that the video's over-the-top nature is likely going to be enough to tide fans over for that shortcoming. The styling for all of this was actually pretty unique and memorable, and I can't wait to see what kind of weird outfits we get to see them in for live performances. I'm glad that instead of going for some kind of storyline, PENTAGON are just fine going with a video that matches the overly gleeful style of song. 


"Naughty boy" isn't my favorite title track out of PENTAGON, and it's actually my least favorite that they've put out in some time, but I love the message and vibe of it nonetheless. There's clearly talent behind the production as well as the boys themselves, but this song sadly just didn't end up doing it for me. I recommend watching it nonetheless, though, as maybe my feelings are getting in the way of my judgement of the song.