The last time that I checked out PENTAGON was back in November when they released "RUNAWAY," though I didn't get a chance to review it due to me moving into a new house at the time. That in mind, my last review for PENTAGON was for "Like This," a song that actually surprised me and shifted my entire perception of the group. Since then, I've actually found myself quite excited to see the latest releases from PENTAGON, and thus I went into "Shine" with that same enthusiasm.

The Song

Alright, the first thing that I have to say is that it's like PENTAGON heard iKON's "Love Scenario" and said, "we can try our hand at that sound and twist it to add our own style to it." And it worked out fabulously. The vocal tones of every member blend and work together beautifully here, and though E'Dawn takes the major focus of the song, other members also have their opportunities as well. The vocal deliveries of every chorus are distinctly different in tone and energy, building up over the course of the song, and it's actually one of my favorite subtle touches that I've noticed in a song for the entire year.

E'Dawn's introductory rap seriously draws you in, and the rest of the song that follows is about as far from a letdown as you can get. There's energy packed into almost every vocal, and it plays a wonderful, distinct opposition to the more spacious and detached instrumentals. That quick burst of energy from the drums for the pre-chorus is great - it provides a shakeup from the rest of the song without being disruptive to the progression from verse to chorus. All in all, this song just flows well and nails exactly what it's trying to do without a hitch.

The Video

A majority of the scenes for this music video are lighter in tone, playing up to a more silly and fun style for the group to show off. A great amount of the dance was shown, which also seems to follow that sort of atmosphere. Plot-wise there doesn't seem to be a great amount going on. From what I can gather, the members are supposed to be schoolboys that are having troubles writing or drawing for their assignment. They've crumpled up several of what they deem to be worthless versions of their attempts thus far, and by the end of the video they decide to just submit what they've got and let it all go.

It's a fairly simple concept, but it works for this song. Letting go of those worries and stress is always important, and to have a song celebrate that idea is great. The choreography for the song looked fun, though I'll admit that there's a clear bit of BTS influence going on. It's not a bad thing, though, and it doesn't infect more than a tiny percent of the dance. There's a lot of aegyo shots, too, and while I'm usually not a fan of that stuff, I found myself smiling like an idiot at some of them. Overall, the video is solid and has everything I could really ask for. One last thing, though - seriously? He draws a CUBE? Get over yourself, CUBE Entertainment. That's way too obtuse, even for you.


PENTAGON seem to be on a roll for me. Ever since "Like This" they've pumped out songs that seriously appeal to me and get me even more excited for their next release. In my opinion, they've finally hit their stride. If you like songs that focus on a more anthem-like style, full of piano and silliness, check into "Shine." You won't be disappointed!

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