PRISTIN V is a five-member subunit of the girl group PRISTIN, both of which are managed under Pledis Entertainment. The main group debuted only just last year, and this is the first subunit to debut out of the main group. Like many, I was pretty surprised and confused as to why Pledis decided that such a new group needed to have a subunit so quickly, but honestly I just chalked it up to Pledis being Pledis. I'll make it no secret that I'm not a big fan of what PRISTIN as a whole has released so far, so I just wanted something enjoyable out of this subunit debut.

The Song

This song features some nice, deep, hollowed bass tones that I've been digging a lot as of late. Balanced out with the higher tones of wind chimes, other synths, and most importantly their vocals, the song leaves a fairly distinct impression on listeners. I managed to hear some early spoilers of this song via Twitter, and I really thought that it was going to turn out to be a hot mess. However, after hearing it in full, it's not nearly as unstable or noisy as I thought it would be initially. That being said, I think that this song is good at best, and I think it follows an ongoing trend of moderately catchy songs that I find lacking in long-term stick. 

I'm fairly unsure of what the point of this subunit is still, however. This sounds like a song that the full group would have suited just fine, and the inclusion of both popular members from I.O.I would suggest that it isn't to promote the lesser known members. While this was finally a showing of some great vocals, especially during the bridge and final chorus, I don't know why that can't simply just be done with all ten members present. Overall this song was better than I thought, and certainly more my speed than PRISTIN's releases thus far, but it's not anything I'd write home about. Additionally I'm just not sure of the marketability of this song to the Korean public at large, but that's a factor that I don't particularly care much about unless it means the end of a group. (This is likely not the case here as sales-wise, PRISTIN's albums have done well enough to keep them going.)

The Video

The video for this song is probably where more people are going to take some issue. There's a very clear lack of budget going into this, which is obviously a shame. There's barely a handful of locales, and even the camera work at times seems almost amateur. That isn't to say that this video doesn't have some good moments, though. The girls are all styled extremely well and each one has a unique look to them that helps them stand out from one another in a very positive way. I love it when outfits are all different from one another and yet all manage to fit in with the concept, and this is a great example of exactly that.

That being said, I'm irrationally upset and extremely confused as to what Pledis was even doing conceptually for this comeback. The teasers were such a mixed bag and the video ended up essentially having none of the elements that they were hyping up. There was no plot going on so just about everything they teased was pointless. Them being villains, the bounty posters, the Joker-styled V, the puzzle pieces of a map, the tattoos - ALL of it was thrown to the side in the music video and it just leaves me baffled.


PRISTIN V conceptually had some interesting ideas going, and the lack of investment into those ideas in the video is fairly upsetting. Still, the song itself is undoubtedly sure to please fans of the poppier songs with a darker tone as well as fans of PRISTIN in general. It doesn't end up hitting as hard as something like "Black Widow," but it's got a different take of a dark concept overall. Check it out if you fall into either of those categories.