RAINZ is a 7-member boy group managed under KISS Entertainment. The group consists entirely of members that were previously contestants on the popular reality show Produce 101. Though none of them managed to actually make it into the final selection of boys to join Wanna One, fans were told that these members were still going to temporarily promote together. They debuted in 2017 with "Juliette," though I can't say that I cared too much for that song. More recently they dropped a pre-release track, "MUSIC UP," which was written by Gikwang of Highlight. I really enjoyed it, and it helped get me excited for this latest comeback, which from the teasers sounded like an upbeat electronic and dance-focused song. 

The Song

The song starts off with muddled, reverberating piano notes ringing out while being blanketed with heavily-filtered vocal samples. A bulky synth bass booms in to align with our first taste of the lyrics "turn it up" before a brief buildup of the drums and bass shift us to our first verse. A combination of reserved vocals and contrasting raps achieve a dynamic escalation to the pre-chorus, where the instrumentals pick up in pace and boom out an addictive rhythm. The chorus features pulsing synth notes with energetic vocals that lead to yet another intensification just before we get to a meaty electronic drop. 

This song is structured in a really interesting way, featuring only a single run through verses and instead focusing much more on the dance facets that the song lends its strengths to. I was a bit cautious when I heard so many fluctuating wubs in the teasers, but the song definitely uses them in a logical and judicial fashion that clicks with the piece as a whole. I love that while the song is very heavy in nature there are no points throughout it where the instrumentals are overpowering the ongoing vocals. It's well-executed in the sense that everything has its place and no part seems to overextend itself, a merit that's easy to blunder in these types of songs.

The Video

The video opens up with a shot of a panning shot of desolated buildings in what would seem to be a post-apocalyptic world. We zoom to one building in particular and get a shot of a member looking at a flower growing amidst all of the dirt and rubble. A majority of the rest of the video is dedicated to exhibiting the dance in a few different locales. 

Sadly there isn't much for me to talk about for this video. It's a glorified dance video, and I always appreciate that. My only critique would be that the plain white room looked a bit cheap and tacky, but that just feels a bit to nitpicky to really get upset over. The dance was spirited and matched the music, and definitely had me captivated throughout the whole video. I don't think that this video is particularly memorable, as the concept wasn't fleshed out past the first bit of the video, and it's already one that's been done multiple times before, and I suppose that would probably be my big gripe with it. 


Even though this song has tons of blaring noises, there's also a level of subtlety through it that should be appreciated. While the video isn't particularly special, I think that the song is more than enough to win me over. As I admitted earlier, I wasn't too interested in RAINZ when they debuted last year, but I think that this song in combination with the pre-release have changed my mind. If you're a fan of high-energy music with hefty drops, I think "TURN IT UP" is worth the listen.