For whatever reason, I didn’t review one of the best songs of last year, so I don’t have a reference point to start with when it comes to SATURDAY. So today, we’re making that reference point. SATURDAY is a seven-member girl group under SD Entertainment. Obviously the whole seven-member coincides with there being seven days of the week, but what’s really important here is that SATURDAY is what would be considered a nugu group. And yet they put out one of my absolute favorite songs last year, so I was seriously excited for this comeback. With a strong debut, it left every possibility on the table, so I just jumped into this comeback blind.

The Song

Alright, let me start off this review with a quick rant. If you’re one of the people who thought that MOMOLAND’s “BAAM” was too similar to “BBoom BBoom,” I had better hear you talking mad smack about this song, because this is a blatant attempt at recreating that sensation and is actually similar to “BBoom BBoom,” unlike “BAAM” in my opinion. Get at me if you think I’m wrong.

Okay, with that over with, let’s talk about this song. Like I said, it’s fairly similar to MOMOLAND’s “BBoom BBoom” in its construction. It’s got a similar strumming guitar as the main instrumental alongside simple bass and drum beats while the girls are overtop giving some catchy vocals. The heavy rap break occurs later in the song, and there are two raps this time around, but otherwise it’s the same structurally. Even with that in mind I couldn’t help but find myself grooving along with this track from start to finish, and it definitely has its own vibe and take on the genre that makes it different enough “BBoom BBoom”. The biggest difference that makes this song not as immediately gripping in comparison is mostly in terms of the production quality. It’s still high enough to be catchy and fun and not distracting - but if you were to compare the two you’d likely be able to spot the difference.

Anyway, this release means that there are now two absolute jams that SATURDAY has released since their debut. I don’t think I’ll be slapping this on as much as “MMook JJi BBa” (hell, I still play that song constantly) but I think it’s definitely going to be one that crops up fairly often in my playlists.

The Video

Sadly the video for this song is a big letdown. There’s some levels of production value here, but it’s fairly noticeable that it’s not all that much. There are some ideas here that reminded me of something like ELRIS’ “Pow Pow” music video, but on a much smaller scale. It’s most noticeable when the girls are kind of cramped into a small room together and it just feels like it’s a little too condensed and might have been better served with some more space.

Still, though, the girls looked great for most of the scenes. The outfits were fairly forgettable unfortunately so the styling doesn’t get a pass from me, but it also wasn’t a complete mess so it’s fine enough. The dance scenes had a noticeable drop in quality unfortunately, but apart from that dip there wasn’t too much to complain about in terms of quality. The choreography was pretty cute overall, and I think the point dance when they say “WiFi” was a great and memorable idea that will stick out when I think back on this release.

All in all, the video was serviceable. I think that the weird choices of having fruits and such in the backdrops was kind of bizarre as they didn’t really do much with them, and I do wish there was a bit more to latch onto here, but it wasn’t a bad experience watching this.

(Random note: Why does Chohee try to get WiFi on a wired telephone, though?)


“WiFi” is a a fun track that shows SATURDAY’s personal charms as a group. While “MMook JJi BBa” is superior in just about every way in my opinion, this comeback was still more than welcome and I’m still very much looking forward to their future releases. If you enjoyed “BBoom BBoom” you’ll probably find this song to be enjoyable, and if you somehow haven’t heard that or their past track, I’d recommend SATURDAY as a solid group that needs more attention in general.