It is finally here! I have been waiting for this SM Station release since it was first announced, and I’ve been incredibly impatient at that. I was so excited to see a collaboration of this caliber - powerhouse female figures from a host of different companies, backgrounds, and styles. For those that somehow are unaware, SEULGI is from Red Velvet, SinB is from GFRIEND, CHUNG HA is a solo artist, and SOYEON is from (G)I-DLE. This was destined to be something amazing right from the outset of conception.

The Song

And the song really doesn’t disappoint in anyway in that regard. In fact, it was actually a lot catchier and more powerful than I initially thought. Admittedly the instrumental does get a little bit repetitive by the end since it’s actually just the same melody throughout presented on different instruments, but it doesn’t actually end up mattering much because the focus of this track is the vocals. And good lord do the girls serve those. This song is what I’m now dubbing the 3 ‘S’s - sophisticated, sassy, and sexy.

The vocals breathe life into this song in a way that has each girl shining in their own respective light, and good lord am I impressed that none of them seemed to get spotlighted more than another. The vocal colors of each member brought something a little different to each of their sections and it was just such a blast throughout the whole track. I will admit that Soyeon’s rap section was my favorite part, but I truly found myself wanting to replay every damn bit of this track. With that insanely catchy hook, gorgeous high notes, and an overall vibe that’s not overplayed right now? This song is easily already one of my favorite songs of the entire year.

The Video

Okay I can’t start this off without saying this - SM please stop with those ridiculous pants. CHUNG HA is fabulous and manages to make them work, but dear lord they’re distracting and everybody knows they only work because of who’s wearing them. Other than that, holy christ. The girls all look incredible and the sets used are enjoyable and interesting without being overt which lets you focus and enjoy the visuals of the members instead. The color scheme is a little bit played out by this point, but it’s not terrible in any way.

Before this video came out I told multiple people that I would be incredibly upset if there wasn’t some clips of interactions between these girls, because with a collaboration as potent as this, that’s what I, as a fan of all of them, want to see. And thank the SM gods that they delivered, because I didn’t want another disappointment like with Luna, Hani, and Solar’s “HONEY BEE.” If you’re gathering up all of my favorites and putting them together, I damn well expect to see them playing around together. While a majority of that kind of stuff happens in the background of this MV, I was still ecstatic to see it, and SM already teased us with some goofing off from behind the scenes in a dance version, so I hope we can get the full version released. I don’t have my hopes up, though. It is SM after all, and we all know how that goes when it comes to their girl groups.

I really enjoyed that most of the clips seemed to suggest genuine companionship between these girls. All of the scenes of them interacting in the foreground were of them helping each other out, such as when SEULGI helps SOYEON apply her makeup, or tosses CHUNG HA a towel to dry her hair off. It’s a small little touch on the director’s part, but I think that the message came off in a really nice way. There’s obviously a lot of competition and rivalry when it comes to the industry, but this collaboration seemed want to set that in the distance and instead focus on the camaraderie instead, and I really appreciated seeing it.


All in all, I loved this release so much. I typically make it a point not to review SM Station tracks, but with a powerhouse combination like this, there was just no way to ignore it. This song is definitely going to be in my top 100 songs for the year, and I won’t be surprised if it ends up pretty high on the list. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this one. I’m making an extremely rare recommendation for absolutely everybody to go give this one a listen. Even if you don’t enjoy it, we should support this sort of collaboration heavily so we can see more interesting ones in the future.