SEVENTEEN is a thirteen-member boy group that's housed under Pledis Entertainment. They debuted back in 2015, and have been a pretty moving force within the industry ever since. I'll be upfront and admit that when they initially came out with "Adore U" and "MANSAE," I was extremely excited about the group's future works. However, since then, my hype levels and enjoyment of their music has been a bit spottier, and most recently I've almost entirely lost my enjoyment for their music. Still, I was excited to head into this new track with the best of intentions.

The Song

This song can really be summed up by the word groovy. It's more of a feeling than a strict liking or disliking of this song for me. It's wavy, if you will. The synths roll nicely and blend neatly with the guitars and snapping percussion, and best of all with the soft, fluffy vocal tones. 

The bridge of the song has a bit too much of the chanting that I feel enforces catchiness rather than allows it bloom more naturally, but apart from that, I really enjoyed everything else this track provided. I felt like the other pieces of the song aren't so much blatantly catchy, but more that there was a subtle stickiness to it all. There was a good flow to the song that felt like it went somewhere even though the pacing was generally similar throughout, and I think that this is a different kind of earworm than most of the songs that have been pumped out this year, or most years for that matter.

I don't think that this is going to end up being my favorite SEVENTEEN song ("MANSAE" is just too good), but I do think that this is a bit more of a return to form that still manages to coherently fuse their more newfound style with their older one. 

The Video

Well, if it's SEVENTEEN, I don't think I can manage to not mention the choreography. I always expect a lot out of the dances for their title tracks, and I think that "Oh My!" absolutely delivered. From start to finish, at least from what we got to see, this dance looked delightfully mesmerizing. There were the classic hints of SEVETEEN's cuteness coupled with their originality, sprinkled in with their quirkiness, and topped off with their stylish, classy atmosphere.

Apart from the choreography, the video is really just a giant collage of the boys being silly and having a good time, which, as per my usual tastes, is great to watch. Honestly, when is the last time that you watched a pillow fight in a music video? The sets were kind of simple, but they really worked for this song and concept. There were a lot of cool scenes with interesting imagery, and I think this might actually be one of my favorite music videos of this year. 


Coming into this, I really wasn't expecting to enjoy this release as much as I did. I openly admit that SEVENTEEN was beginning to fall off my radar with their more recent releases, but I think that "Oh My!" did an excellent job of roping me right back in. If you're a fan of SEVENTEEN's older works, this is one you have to check out, but if you're just a fan of more groovy, chill but fun vibes, you'll also likely dig this one.