SF9 - Enough



It’s been almost a full seven months since we last saw SF9 last year, which is rather surprising as I personally believed they had one of the most incredible years I’ve seen yet in 2018. Regardless, SF9 was quickly shaping up to be one of my favorite boy groups in the scene today, so you can imagine that I was ecstatic to hear that we were finally getting another comeback. Sadly, though, I didn’t manage to catch any teasers or anything, but knowing SF9 I know it was going to be something new, and hopefully something very exciting.

The Song

“Enough” takes SF9 in a new direction yet again, pulling the boys more into a silky smooth style that we hadn’t gotten from them previously. There’s a very spongy delivery to a lot of these vocals, and you can tell that they’re holding back in the verses to unleash some energy in the chorus instead. However, I think that’s actually what throws me off about this song. Whereas the verses felt like they were promising to build up to something, I don’t think the chorus itself really delivered on that. It was louder than the rest of the song, sure, but it didn’t really have a solid enough punch to it that made it stick.

I have to admit that I’m kind of disappointed on this one overall. SF9 had an incredible run in 2018, and I was really rooting for them to keep it going this year. Unfortunately, I do think that incredible streak does end with this comeback. However, that’s not to say that this isn’t a solid, good track. Despite my criticisms and personal dissatisfaction with it, I think this is still a good release. It’s just that coming off the tail end of “Now or Never” and “MAMMA MIA,” it sounded a little too tame and reserved.

The Video

I’m really not sure where to start on the video. I wasn’t a big fan of the dull tones that absolutely dominated the palette this time around. The boys weren’t really wearing anything that helped them to stand out from the backdrops apart from the scenes in the mirror room, and it felt like they were almost being obscured due to it. I found it difficult to focus on the choreography even because I would just get lost trying to track the movements at times. Maybe that’s just due to me being a colorblind idiot, but for me it just didn’t pan out in a way I found pleasing on the eyes. I really do wish we would have had more of the colors brought out for those portions. That nice red shirt on Chani, or that bronze jacket Rowoon wears would have made for amazing contrasts! Towards the end of the video we even get flashes of that, and it looked amazing, I just wish we could have seen more of it.

In terms of a story, a major focus of this video was the idea of a reflection. Seeing yourself as you are - and then breaking away from that. We see several mirrors and reflections of the members in water, and by the end of the video we witness the mirrors breaking and waves distorting the images in the water.

Normally this would probably be interpreted as coming into your own, and changing yourself. However, when you couple these scenes with the lyrics, I actually think it brings out a new idea. It’s about not caring how you look. Instead of focusing so much on looking at yourself, making sure that you’re perfect in every way, it’s about letting all of that go. It’s about accepting yourself even as being slightly unpretty somehow, or broken in some way. It’s about learning to really and truly love yourself as you are without needing to care how others might look at you. It’s a beautiful message, and one that I think appeals well to a huge audience.


SF9 will likely continue to be a group that flies underneath the mainstream radar with the release of “Enough.” If last year hadn’t been enough to convince the mainstream audience of the talent and appeal that the group brings, I honestly don’t know what will, but in my personal opinion it certainly won’t be this track. If you’re a fan of darker tracks that fall on the sensual side with a bit more edge and power to them, I think that “Enough” will be more than suitable as a song to throw into your collection.