SF9 is a 9-member boy group under FNC entertainment, and is the only K-pop oriented boy group under the label to date. They debuted in 2016 with "Fanfare," a song that I personally had conflicted opinions on. Since then, they've had three mini albums, and "MAMMA MIA" is the title track to their fourth mini. I'll admit that SF9 hasn't really stood out to me before, and I went into this hoping that might change.

The Song

The song starts off with a plucking of acoustic guitar notes with a brief introduction of "ayy" vocal samples and then introductory lyrics. We then jump into an ascending vocal "ooh" melody smoothly placed atop slapping drums, grooving bass guitar, and acoustic guitar chords that combine to give us the first taste of our chorus. The same bass and drums fill out most of the space for the verse, while singing and rapping pull us over to the pre-chorus.

During the pre-chorus the acoustic guitar riffs back in to give a heavier feel alongside fast-paced raps that leads the charge right back into that fun, funky refrain. The second verse features more focus on the rappers, and then our bridge has a descending guitar and vocal melody which really breaks up the pace of the song in a way that doesn't slow it down, which was really interesting and not what I expected.

"MAMMA MIA" features some very interesting ideas overall. I really dug the cool ascending vocal "ooh" line, and I loved that the bridge of the song had an opposing descending piece. There's a really weird, unique combination of both surf rock-styled guitar as well an almost spaghetti western style of guitar, and I think that they blended together beautifully here. This song is so upbeat and fun that I couldn't help but enjoy myself throughout it.

The Video

The music video begins with some camera footage of two members having robbed a store and are now attempting to destroy the camera evidence but are comically failing at it. One of them runs out with the bag of loot while the other is distracted, and then we get shots of the other beginning to chase after him. Other members start to drop in, with one being a painter, another waxing his car, two members getting hypnotized with a gold necklace, two playing some hockey, and a few others that I have no idea what they're doing. 

A majority of this video is just devoted to these ideas being taken to ridiculous and humorous extremes, and then the video ends with the two robbers getting robbed after they're exhausted from all their running. This sort of funny and not so serious style of music video seems to be getting harder and harder to find in K-pop these days, so I definitely appreciated it here. There's a lot to look at even in just the background and small things going on in this video, so that was also great, and I think that this video is very memorable as a standout not just from SF9's past videos, but current boy groups in general.


Overall, I don't think I have anything negative to say about this song. It's absolutely wonderful in how fun and non-serious it is, and it's great to see a very different style both musically and visually being taken by any group at the moment. Instead of following the current trends or doing what other groups have already done, SF9's "MAMMA MIA" actually steps into its own and sets itself apart from everything else as a song that I honestly would recommend to anybody.