SHINee - Countless



It’s been less than three months since SHINee last came back, hitting fans with the three-part series of ‘The Story of Light’ albums, but the boys are already back with a repackage, full-length compilation of all three portions. “Countless” is the title track heading that, and as always with my favorites, I had very high expectations going in.

The Song

 I really don’t know if it’s just me, but this is another song where I couldn’t help but hear Kevin Lyttle’s “Turn Me On” again. The vocal melody during the verses was insanely similar. Anyway, that aside, I found this song to be okay. It didn’t strike me as well as the other tracks that they put out for this series. It certainly meshed well with everything else that they gave us off of the mini-albums, but I feel like this was more of a b-side that’s being pushed as a way to promote the repackage album more than something formulated as a title track to begin with.

I have to say, however, that I have the exact same praises as I always do when it comes to SHINee. The vocal harmonies are gorgeous, the individual vocal deliveries carry weight and emotion in a way that’s compelling, and the whole song carries a SHINee vibe that’s distinct in the industry. While I may not have loved this song, I do think that there’s a clear level of quality in its presentation and execution that can’t be denied.

The Video

This video was another feast for the eyes, which I suppose should be expected by this point, but I just keep finding myself surprised by their videos somehow. Whoever was the stylist for this video needs a damn raise. I’m in love with the varying color palettes for each member, but Key in particular was an amazing standout.

The color palettes in this music video fall into a nice of muted but still vivid, giving certain objects as well as the member themselves a nice backdrop to silhouette against. Even though the sets were rather simple, there’s something intriguing and mysterious in that simplicity that kept me interested for the duration. I found myself catching new small details throughout my replays of the video, and while there may not be a heavy plot to dissect or metaphoric imagery to decipher, I still enjoyed this video for its modesty in almost every regard.


 “Countless” is a logical piece of the puzzle that seems to complete the ‘The Story of Light’ series in a way that ultimately feels like it gives solid closure. While it may not have been my favorite track from all of these endeavors, I do think that it serves its purpose and is a great promotion of the repackage album. If you’re a fan of SHINee, or any of the work they’ve done this year, I think this is certainly worth checking into.