SHINee - Good Evening



SHINee is a five-member boy group under SM Entertainment. Even though member Jonghyun has passed away, he is still a part of this group and I will personally never call them a four-member group. They debuted a decade ago and I myself have been a long time Shawol. They've never failed to impress me with their music, and the direction that they've been heading in is a very distinct, matured one that suits the members incredibly well. I always expect nothing less than excellence from my favorites, and this would be no exception. 

The Song

"Good Evening" is a track that really just plays to SHINee's strengths and attributes as a whole. There's a beautiful synergy between all of the members that's been apparent throughout their discography, and it's highlighted excellently in this track. The harmonies are gorgeous, and more than anything the emotional stress in their voices sounds entirely genuine which only adds to the impact that this song carries. I love the contradictory seriousness of the lyrics and the dance beat of the song, especially because of how the vocals add even more weight to it.

I don't know what else I can say about this song. The production values are obviously wonderful, and it's clear how much effort and love went into crafting it. I especially love the bouncy synths and more playful tones used in tandem with the lower bass notes and fluctuating noise. There's some great flashes of harder electro styles that they've dabbled with in the past, but most of this song just really plays up SHINee's vocal colors in a lovely way. Even though the song's lyrics and vocal delivery are heavy, there's still an elegant sense of hope and promise to it that shouldn't be overlooked. I don't think I have anything negative to throw in at all for this one.

The Video

There's a ton of symbolic imagery in this video, but I think it's a fairly apparent theme present even for those that can't decipher through all of that - and that is a general concept of saying goodbye to Jonghyun. Even without having read the lyrics, it's clear that this is a tribue to a lost loved one, and it's a damn beautiful one at that. The color schemes, the use of lighting and filters, the emotion painted on their faces - it's all used together in a way that gives that impression immediately.

There are more obvious hints at this as well, such as the fox in the video. Chinese myths about foxes often have them as symbols from those that have moved on into the afterlife. The portion of the video where the members have a plastic sheet over them is possibly the most disturbing part of this, though it also has its purpose. Jonghyun died from inhalation of toxic fumes, and the plastic sheet would make it harder for the members to breathe (which also relates to the lyrics of the song). Paint drips down onto them and turns into a way to reveal the spiritual world. There's just too much for me to dive into without getting overly emotional, so I'll leave the rest up to viewers to interpret. 

The video is graceful, tasteful, and it's executed delicately and lovingly. I wouldn't want anything else from SHINee.


"Good Evening" is truly a spectacle for fans of SHINee and K-pop in general. It's an alluring symphony composed purely of beauty and love and it highlights everything that SHINee has been about for the past decade. I have no doubts that Shawols will find this to be endearing and heartfelt, but I think that it goes past SHINee's fans and can even reach out to those that weren't familiar with them before. Everyone should give this track a listen.