SHINee - I Want You



It's only been a few weeks since SHINee began making their comebacks for the year, but here we are again with another music video and another mini-album to tide us over until the next release in two weeks. After their quite emotional return last month, I really just wanted to see the group make a song, and moreover a music video, that held a happier tone overall. 

The Song

Thankfully that's exactly what was delivered with "I Want You." Instrumentally the song exudes a heavy, summery type of vibe with its colorful synth tones and through the use of a marimba coupled with neatly muffled drums. There's a bit more of a trendy nature to this song, but it's not even close to being abused enough to be come off as strictly an attempt to strike while that iron is hot. 

The electronic filtered voice effect that was present in "Good Evening" persists over to this track, though the different fashions of each song give it a completely different intention and feel. I love that connection between these two songs, which I do expect to continue to in their next release, and moreover I love that this track wasn't nearly as emotionally-ridden and weighty. Obviously that matches the season as well, but I think it's a good sign for SHINee to show that they're more than willing to leave their tragedy in the past and not just dwell on it. Perhaps it will help fans like myself better cope with it as well.

The Video

If you're into dorky and over the top ideas, this will probably be a perfect video for you. The green screen in this video is so cheap and obvious, but it's done so on purpose in order to extrapolate on that corny, cheesy atmosphere. On top of that, it's clear that the boys are also fully aware of just how ridiculous they look because of that, and they go the extra mile to sell that concept. It almost reminded me of NCT DREAM's "We Young" music video, though not nearly as childish (which is obviously more appropriate for that group than it would be for SHINee).

Their outfit choices play up the feel of summer as well, and I love that even with such different styles for each member there's a logical string connecting them to a singular concept. I'm not a huge fan of the color filter layered on top of a lot of this video, but this series of comebacks seems to have a lot of emphasis on blending colors, so I can't complain too much about it. At the very least the director and/or editor seems to have been aware of how to keep the boys from blending into the background while using that filter, a complaint that I had about GIRLKIND's music video that I reviewed earlier today. 

This video technically does seem to be a continuation of "Good Evening," but most of it just seems to be about joyous emotions and general happiness rather than a deeper plot. I've no doubt that there are multiple interpretations for some of the weirder imagery in this video, but I personally don't think it's less about a metaphor and more about silliness and playfulness. All in all I really enjoyed seeing all of the members smiling and acting quirky, and I'm really pleased with this as a followup to "Good Evening" on the whole.


It's great to see SHINee back to form and coming back so quickly back to back. This kind of experiment with releasing a few short albums in quick succession is kind of odd, but if it means that we get multiple music videos within a short time span, I'm all for it. If you're on the lookout for a great, upbeat type of song to mark your summer with, "I Want You" has everything that you could possibly be looking for.