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SHINee is back once again, this time with the final installment of their three-part series 'The Story of Light.' You can read about my thoughts on "Good Evening" and "I Want You" in full detail, but because of those two tracks, I really didn't know what they would be doing for this final part. I didn't even get a chance to see any teasers or anything, so I just hoped that they wouldn't do something that would get my tears rolling again.

The Song

Well, the tears came rolling anyway. If you haven't had a chance to read the lyrics to this one, I think that you should. They're a beautiful dedication to the memory of Jonghyun and SHINee's journey together. That aside, the instrumentation and chanting chorus of voices siphon out a rather hopeful tone for the refrain, which plays against the rather distraught and melancholy atmosphere present in both verses as well as the bridge. This back and forth pendulum of emotions mirrors those of the fans and the members themselves - giving a powerful, bittersweet edge to the song.

I'll admit that while I loved the sentiment and the fact that this song is entirely devoted to Jonghyun, this song isn't much my style. I don't find this to be something that I'll be putting on often. I've no doubt that it'll be a powerhouse message for fans, myself included, but past that I don't think I'll be coming back for many repeat listens. As a way to end this project series as a whole, I think it's fitting and beautiful, and I hope and pray that it can help fans recover and move forward.

The Video

If the song wasn't enough to start up the waterworks, the video certainly was. I think I was pretty much fine until the last scenes where they showed the microphone standing a lone before the members and all of the pearl aqua lights. It was a very blunt metaphor, and one that hit me quite hard when I saw it. 

I loved that this time they went for a more short movie-styled music video, rather than just thrusting all of the symbolism in along with the music. There were shots of each member just doing their daily routines. It showed that even in the most mundane of situations, they were still feeling the effects of loss and the impacts that it had on them. This was something that I think all fans can relate to, and it's great to see that the members weren't afraid to show their emotional distraught as well.

This video is one that hurt to watch as a Shawol, but it also helped. Similarly to how I felt initially while watching "Good Evening," I think that this is a great step in helping fans as well as the members move forward.


I think this was a really great way to end this trilogy, and to send off this chapter of their careers. It's not a comeback that's entirely happy - and that's the point. It doesn't have to be all great moments when it comes to K-pop. There will undoubtedly be tragedy and terrible times for groups and fans alike. But we'll learn to move forward, and never take things for granted, and this is such a powerful way to remind us of that.