SNUPER - Tulips



SNUPER is a six-member boy group under Widmay Entertainment. They debuted back in 2015, though I'm not sure that they had the impact that they were looking for at the time. Since then, I feel like they've found their niche and style, and they've done a pretty good job of consistently making solid comebacks. I didn't have time to catch any teasers or anything for this song, so my expectations were a completely blank slate!

The Song

Okay, if you stopped listening to this track after the first few lyrics were spoken, I don't blame you. But I really do implore you to push past it and keep going, because after that seriously cringe-inducing introduction, the song gets a lot better and more interesting. Additionally, that part makes more sense when it's spaced out during the full chorus. 

"Tulips" has a really interesting melody in terms of progression - it sounds like something is just slightly off, and yet it works really well. The droning synth has an almost creepy quality to it, and combined with that popping bass line it's just really different than what's common. I really dug all of the instrumental choices for this song. They blended together in a unique way and honestly that fusion is just groovy in a way that I wasn't expecting. The transition from the bridge into the final refrain is so crispy, the difference in tones from verse to pre-chorus to the chorus and back are compelling and fascinating.. honestly, this song is just engaging on so many fronts. "Tulips" is easily one of my favorite songs of this month, if not this year so far.

The Video

The music video for this song, sadly, did not impress me nearly as much as the song itself.  Honestly it felt like there was an initial plan to simply release what would essentially be a choreography video, and then last minute some budget constraints loosened up and they tried to jam in a bit of other stuff. It really felt like it was a few different videos spliced together at the last minute. There are no intertwining scenes, but rather all of them stay separate and don't seem to correlate in any way.

Sadly I once more have to state how tired I am of those dumb colored smoke grenades. Seriously, I hope a new trend starts soon just so I can have something else to complain about in every video. On the positive side of things, the dance looked pretty fantastic. There were several parts of the choreography that seemed to be visual representations of how a plant grows, which was definitely different and interesting. I'm looking forward to live performances of this track just so I can get a better look at the dance. Overall the video was disappointing, but at least it did a good job of showcasing the choreography.


I really didn't think that this comeback would be so gripping, but I just can't seem to get enough of this song. I think that this is definitely something that will get stuck in your head after the first listen, and the eerie atmosphere is refreshing in a weird way that I think most people will enjoy. I'm going to have to recommend that everybody gives this one a listen, even if you don't like the group's previous songs.