SNUPER - You In My Eyes



It’s been just a little under half a year since we last saw SNUPER earlier this year. The first thing that I want to mention about this whole comeback is that this was technically funded from by MAKESTAR, the crowdfunding service that’s grown fairly popular these days. Still, I really enjoyed SNUPER’s most recent title track, and I did like a few of their previous songs, so I was excited to jump into this comeback.

The Song

This song is a lot more on the fan service, cutesy side than anything else they’ve done before. Typically that’s really not my thing, and I tend to dislike most songs with that intention behind them. However, SNUPER somehow managed to craft something that’s still catchy and fun even while being fairly upfront about everything. It’s a little bit on the repetitive side during the chorus, but it’s still something that I smiled at and found myself enjoying even though I expected not to.

I wish there was a bit more strength in the instrumentals, especially outside of the chorus where they’re essentially absent, but at the same time I’m not too upset about having the vocals driving this song forward. There’s nothing here that’s overly impressive, but that’s just fine. This is a song to thank their fans, and I think it does that while also delivering on a song that they’ll love.

The Video

If you noticed a visual difference either in quality or perhaps budget, I’d attribute it to the fact that this is a MAKESTAR project. I do like the different sets used in this video, though. Even though they’re a bit more limited in total, the locations are nice backdrops that let you focus on the members (which is just what these types of special releases tend to do anyway.) There’s not really much in the way of a plot or imagery to rummage through here. It’s a simple video that fans are just meant to enjoy. The outfits are all simple as well, though they’re stylish in a way that I think someone might expect from K-pop.

The one thing I do want to talk about is how they shift this video from something straightforward into what seems to be a performance for a fan meet. If that’s legitimately a fan meet, that is pretty damn awesome. From what I researched, it does appear that this was legitimate as it was one of the rewards for backing the project on MAKESTAR, so that is something that makes this video a little more memorable and special (especially to those fans). Overall, this video was cute and fun, and if you’re a fan of SNUPER, then this is definitely going to be one you’ll enjoy.


I’m sure that fans already knew what to expect out of this comeback since they’re keeping up with SNUPER on a much more frequent basis than myself, but as somebody that hovers around the outside I still found this release to be fairly enjoyable. I know that I’m out here rooting for this group to succeed, and even though I’m not so sure that this will be the track to thrust them into the spotlight, I have no doubt that fans will appreciate everything about this track.