SOHEE - Hurry Up (Feat. Bolbbalgan4)



SOHEE is a member of the five-member girl group ELRIS which is housed under Hunus Entertainment. Technically we’ve already seen the potential of SOHEE being a solo act when she had her pre-debut solo track “Spotlight” back in 2017, but this time around it’s an official debut. Back then I thought that she reminded me a lot of a young BoA, but as I’ve watched her grow a bit more with ELRIS I’ve been finding more Sunmi and CHUNG HA vibes coming from her. I’ll admit that this solo debut had me pretty excited and I kept up with all of the teasers and everything leading up to this, so my expectations were pretty high.

The Song

I’ve gotta admit that I’m a caught halfway between really liking this song and being fairly disappointed. The teasers leading up to this would have had you thinking that SOHEE was going to be trying some extremely charismatic, dance-centric style out. Instead we got what essentially sounds just like a Bolbbalgan4 song. Of course that’s to be expected - it’s produced by them and they’re also featured. I just wish that the song could have had more of a flavor that flaunted off SOHEE rather than one that likely would have been the same song without her in it.

On the other hand, this song has an undeniably fantastic chorus. It somewhat reminded me of CHUNG HA’s “Roller Coaster” in terms of vocal melody, but that’s also partially due to lyrical similarity as well. The instrumental to this track is light and happy with a touch of playfulness tossed in and I think that SOHEE’s already proven that she can work with that pretty well. If I hadn’t paid attention to teasers and been anticipating this debut, I think would have really enjoyed this song. The only real issue I had with the song itself is the rap section. I don’t think it was really necessary and I don’t think it added much of anything overall. In fact, it might even be really awkward when she performs this live and the backing track has the rap going and SOHEE is just there dancing and smiling.

I do wish that there was more of an opportunity for her to show off her vocal prowess a bit more because she’s actually a pretty solid singer on top being a great visual and excellent dancer, but this type of song also doesn’t really call for that kind of flaunting. But for me personally, that’s the exact reason I’m unsure of this as a debut title track. I would have much rather HUNUS found her something that suited all of her strengths and showcased them so that they could make this as successful as possible. I hope that the Bolbbalgan4 feature and production will be enough - but I’ve got a feeling that it won’t be what the extra push that the company was hoping for.

The Video

The music video for this song also has me coming out with mixed feelings. On the one hand it had some really great creative ideas and moments, especially the pieces involving the mirror. It gave it this otherworldly almost trippy sort of feel. And then on the other hand, I felt like a lot of this video was extremely sexualized. Don’t get me wrong - I don’t care if that’s what she wants to do. But she’s also just barely about to hit 19. On top of that, this is not the kind of song that called for anything of the sort, so it was just a bit odd.

That being said, though, can we talk about how fantastic she looked? Her smile has to be one of the most infectious in the scene, especially out of the newer groups. While I do think that the black outfit didn’t really fit in conceptually, she rocked it damn well. The choreography was another point that I felt just didn’t hit the right mark, though. With how much HUNUS was pushing her as a great dancer, and she absolutely is one, I was hoping for a bit more. Again, conceptually this choice for a song just felt like it limited how much of SOHEE’s charms could be shown off and I think it will end up hurting her chances of gaining traction with the public.

All in all, I think that this video was decent still. The colors were entrancing while still being easy on the eyes, the outfit choices were varied and interesting, and the limited set was used in a way that didn’t make it feel cheap. There’s a few really nice pieces of imagery that will probably stick out in my mind for a while - especially that first scene with the mirror.


While I like the song and find it to fairly enjoyable, especially on repeat listens, I fear that this might not have been the wisest choice for a debut track. It lacks a lot of what I find unique and interesting about SOHEE, and limits her capabilities on multiple fronts to the point that it won’t end up showcasing her talents. I hope that people will still watch, listen, and support this debut, though. If you’re a fan of Bolbbalgan4 and/or ELRIS, you should definitely give this one a listen at least.