SUPER JUNIOR - Lo Siento (Feat. Leslie Grace)



SUPER JUNIOR hardly needs an introduction, but in case you hadn't already known, they are an eleven-member boy group under SM Entertainment. I think it's fair to say that their popularity and impact on the market has significantly dropped in comparison to the newer groups of today, but I still love them and check out all of their new releases. They've been on a tear with fantastic songs for over a decade, and the past few years have been particularly excellent for them musically. That being said, I went in simply expecting another great track.

The Song

I was overwhelmingly pleased with Leslie Grace's feature, and they actually featured her with more than just a single line. She was prominent in the chorus and half of the bridge, had her own verse, partnered up for other members' verses, and killed the backup vocals. It was just so nice to actually see somebody featured for longer than a ten-second clip. The song ending with Heechul rapping was also surprising, and yet it worked so impeccably that I can't imagine it any other way.

Right from the get go this song lets you know that you're about to hear something special. It pulls you in with that unique twisting of Leslie Grace's vocals melding with the plucked guitar notes, and it's just instantly clear. This song as a whole is a fantastic blending of music and cultures, and it works even better than one might initially expect. The combination of Spanish and Korean was incredible, and while the Spanish guitar is not necessarily new in K-pop, it was utilized gorgeously here. Everything about this song was perfect, and I have nothing negative to say at all. I absolutely loved it.

The Video

What SUPER JUNIOR has done here is a damn good example of how to feature a woman in a music video and not just have her there as a sex object for people to gawk at. Leslie Grace plays as much a role here as any of the members of the group, and she does an amazing job with her bolstered stage presence. Admittedly, the other woman in the video doesn't get quite the same treatment, and that's probably my largest issue overall. Most of the video is sleek and mature in the way it handles sexiness, but there was also the very clear imagery of the pomegranate that betrayed that sophistication. 

Overall the video was pretty interesting in my opinion. The long shots with members and the woman having multiple selves was definitely cool, and blended well with the types of cascading transitions used. There was a lot of choreography shown as well and it looked pretty great, which should be expected of both SM and SUPER JUNIOR by this point. My only other gripe was the dance break portion showing off a pair of DJ's who were otherwise not shown whatsoever.. it was a bit of an odd choice. Still, I loved a majority of how things were handled in this video, especially with the limited amount of sets used overall. Last thing I'll say is that I was in complete fangirl mode when Heechul finally popped up!


SUPER JUNIOR and Leslie Grace blew me away with what they accomplished here. I am in love with this comeback on nearly every front, and it's great to see SM do such a daring song (in terms of K-pop) for a title track. I'm going to have to recommend that everybody checks this song out, even if you're not a fan of SUPER JUNIOR. 

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