SUPER JUNIOR - One More Time (Feat. Reik)



SUPER JUNIOR seem to be back into the full swing of things, now coming back after just under six months for the second time this year, third if you really want to count “Super Duper.” Either way, it’s great to see the guys really giving it their all and doing their thing alongside all of these newer groups. And it seems that they’re pretty intent on keeping this Latin trend going, as this time they’ve partnered up with REIK. I didn’t have time to catch any of the teasers, but even just from the little information I had, I was excited to hear another fusion of K-pop and Latin pop.

The Song

Perhaps it was that excitement that ultimately led me to not really think one way or another about this song. Whereas “Lo Siento” presented a blending of cultures and sounds, “One More Time” takes a much more basic approach and simply just goes with an entirely Latin pop style. There’s not really much special about this song - it’s a pretty common sound for Latin pop and the only difference is that there’s Korean language tossed in. The instrumentals aren’t flashy or entirely unique, and the vocal melody doesn’t really grab me in the way that I was hoping for it to.

Sadly my favorite part of this track was REIK. Instead of getting a song that was SUPER JUNIOR featuring REIK, this honestly felt a lot more to me like SUPER JUNIOR was the feature, and that almost none of their style managed to shine through. I don’t dislike the song even though I may sound like it. I just don’t find it to be anything nearly as creative or interesting as their previous venture, and I just find myself wishing there was something more for myself to latch onto in terms of catchiness.

The Video

Good lord this music video had some seriously lavish sets. SM went full out on making sure there was an abundance of colorful backdrops and interesting color palettes, and on top of that, stylish outfits that matched them. There was a good showing of both REIK’s and SUPER JUNIOR’s members, and that was fairly impressive just due to the number of people that meant showing.

In terms of plot, there really wasn’t anything actually going on. But there was a lot of symbolism and metaphoric imagery, surprisingly. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that it actually meant much of anything. For instance, there are roses throughout the video, but members destroy them in different ways. Roses could be meant to symbolize love, or a new blossoming beginning, but if they destroyed them, what was the purpose? Heechul drops a set of dice and they all roll 5, which forms to be 5 5 5. I’m not into numerology, but if you dig into from that side, that’s also supposed to represent a new beginning. But if SUPER JUNIOR is destroying their new beginnings, I’m very confused as to why.

The last thing that I really wanted to touch on was the end of this video. Why in the heck does Siwon flip a Canadian coin? Yes, that coin is Canadian. Is it supposed to be a representation about how SUPER JUNIOR is trying to be more global? Or they heading to Canada for a tour next? Is there going to be a Canadian artist collaboration soon? I don’t get it.

(Random thought: SM, if you’re going to be blending all of these languages, could you PLEASE hire people for like $50 and translate your damn lyrics so that those audiences you’re trying to reach can be more engaged?)


“One More Time” is a fairly straightforward Latin pop song, just that it’s got SUPER JUNIOR’s name involved in the mix. I understand why SM wants to push further into the Latin pop territory, but i’m not so sure that I agree with losing the group’s entire identity for the sake of appealing to fans of that genre. If you enjoy Latin pop songs then this is definitely something you’ll want to check out, but if you liked “Lo Siento” for its great blending of styles and cultures, you might not find this one as impressive.