Suzy is a former member of girl group Miss A, which officially disbanded late 2017. Suzy herself debuted as solo artist last year as well, releasing an entire mini-album to kick her solo career off. "Yes No Maybe," the title track of that album, was a song that I truly enjoyed, and Suzy has already proven herself more than capable of adapting herself to several styles of music in the past. That being said, I didn't know what to expect with "HOLIDAY," especially because it was featuring up-and-coming rapper DPR LIVE.

The Song

The song starts off with both synth and piano chords, with the piano occasionally fluting individual notes overhead. We get our first taste of the chorus, which has sparse percussion, a soft bass, and a raspy horn sweeping in while Suzy's creamy voice smoothly falls atop it all. Most of this fades back for the verse, only piling back in the next time we hear the refrain. The second verse shifts us to DPR LIVE rapping very briefly before we're back to Suzy. There's no bridge, and instead the song just ends with Suzy singing some adlibs over slightly more upbeat instrumentals.

This song is definitely smooth, relaxing, and soothing. From the instrumentals down to Suzy's delicate voice blanketing your ears, this song is stamped with a calming softness. That being said, I can't say that it was anything particularly spectacular. There's a ton of songs out there that are similarly as pacifying, and this one doesn't particularly bring much new to the table. In all honesty, I opened up my music player and looked over my Suzy songs because I could have swore that I'd heard this song before, minus DPR LIVE being featured. 

As much as I love DPR LIVE, I feel like his feature in this song is incredibly short and out of place, especially when his signature introduction plops in the middle of the song in a somewhat jarring manner. It's not that he rapped poorly or anything, but I honestly felt like two artists had two different takes on the same song and then they were just put together instead of planned out as an idea from the start. 

The Video

The video starts off on some shots of Suzy aimlessly wandering about a desert in a couple of brightly colored dresses that really make her stand out amidst all of the dull tones of the sand. We then get to her on a boat with a biplane circling about it, and these are our two major settings for the video. Suzy also wanders about a lush path of green plants and trees, but overall the video is devoted to showing off a combination of the stunning beauty of both Suzy and the landscape. 

There's not much to say about this video other than the fact that this video is downright gorgeous. Suzy looks incredible and attracts your eyes immediately to focus on her, but the scenery is absolutely breathtaking as well. The colors contrast and compliment each other and create a sublime atmosphere that matches the tone of the song. 


"HOLIDAY" is by no means a bad song, but it's a style of song that I've heard so many times before, and honestly I've heard it executed better. Suzy's voice works so well with this type of music, so that is exclusive to this song, but it doesn't push it enough to a point of excellence. However, if you're a fan of songs with chill vibes, this might still be right up your alley.