TEEN TOP is a five-member boy group under TOP Media. They originally debuted almost eight years ago, though since then they've lost a member in L.Joe. Still, Teen Top is, in my opinion, one of the more forgotten groups of old, even to people that are familiar with that generation of K-pop. They're often passed over for some reason, and even though everybody knows them, they never seemed to achieve that level of popularity that I would have expected. "Love Is" from last year turned out to be one of my favorites of 2017, and so I was hoping that "SEOUL NIGHT" would continue a trend of reminding me of the K-pop of old that initially drew me in.

The Song

TEEN TOP made a ton of their songs with Brave Brothers, so it wasn't too surprising to hear that familiar sound in this track, though I'll admit that not hearing the famous "brave sound" line was kind of disappointing. Still, "SEOUL NIGHT" pretty much did exactly what I was expecting it to do. It's got that synth-heavy chorus that makes you want to dance and the heavy clapping of drums definitely backs that up. NIEL once more makes for a great frontman with his unique voice, and overall the vocals are all delivered with some great energy behind them.

It isn't all just positives for me, though. I do feel like this is one of TEEN TOP's weaker title releases. While it does retain that recognizable sound that I wanted, it just didn't hit with something hard enough to make it stick. It's by no means a bad song, but I don't think I can conjure up what it sounds like at all, even after having just heard it barely half an hour ago. I like it overall, but I just wish it had a bit more bite to it. Still, it was really good to see TEEN TOP back again, and I look forward to listening to the mini-album.

The Video

This is one of those music videos that just goes for the general idea of dropping your worries and just enjoying yourself. This is seen as a concept throughout, with the music video beginning with all of the members seeming stressed and downtrodden, and then by the end of it they're all smiling and having fun together. It's certainly not a new idea by any means, but I always love this idea because I think it's something that people don't do enough. 

I'm really unsure what to make of the styling for this video. Most of it is okay, but there's also hints of a childishness that I don't really dig. NIEL's outfit with the cap is probably the biggest offender, but I kind of wish with how old the group is that they would have kept the more mature styling and concept from "Love Is." Still, the dancing looked suitable to the standard that I would hold Teen Top to, and the video does a good job of balancing out screen time, concept, and choregraphy.


"SEOUL NIGHT" provides an excellent reminder of what made me a fan of TEEN TOP all those years ago, while still sounding like a new and fresh return from the group. While I may not find it to be entirely groundbreaking, creative, or catchy, I still think the song is solid and does all that I was hoping for it to do. If you've liked any of the staple TEEN TOP title tracks in the past, this will likely work for you as well.