THE BOYZ - Giddy Up



THE BOYZ are a twelve-member boy group under Cre.ker Entertainment. They debuted last year with "Boy", though that didn't really manage to capture or keep my attention. Still, there was some obvious potential in the group and I wanted to check back into them for their next release, which was today. "Giddy Up" is the first comeback from the group, and honestly the teasers made me laugh hysterically and I was expecting some very awkward and corny stuff due to them.

The Song

Right from the very first few notes of the song I knew that I wasn't getting what I was expecting, and that was a relief. Those funky guitar riffs were a great way to carry the song forward through the heavier bass notes. There's some extra cascading electronic noises during the chorus that surprisingly pull everything together smoothly, and the progression of the spry guitar during that section is fantastic as well.

Due to the subtle inclusions of digitalized sounds earlier in the song, the bridge actually wasn't jarring, and I really appreciated that they went with just a simple rap there to keep up the fast-paced, energetic nature of the track. Speaking of that vigor, damn is this song lively. It's not overwhelmingly so, and there are just enough pauses to give you and your ears a break, but that kinetic energy jumps back in before you doze off, too. It's balanced perfectly and it shows. All in all, I was impressed with the song and I really enjoyed every aspect of it.

The Video

Conceptually, this was definitely a pretty neat idea. Having the boys act as pieces inside of a pinball machine is something that I didn't expect, especially from the teasers, but it's also just something that I don't think I've really ever seen before. It's about as unique as I could ask for and I loved it on that front. I do wish that they extrapolated on that concept a bit more, but in fairness I can see how that might be really difficult to do. In any case, I'm so happy that this was the actual concept rather than some weird horses on the beach nonsense.

I enjoyed watching the MV even as somebody who isn't the biggest fan of the group, which is definitely a big bonus for it. The cuter shots of the members weren't too over the top and I"m sure that fan service will go a long way in the end. The colors of the set were more interesting to me than the boys' sadly, and I wish that they'd had more interesting outfits for a majority of the video, but that's more of a nitpick. The video more than suffices, and excels at being an interesting idea, I just wish that they'd played with it a bit more.


I'm actually floored with how much I enjoyed this comeback from THE BOYZ. "Giddy Up" is a major improvement over "Boy" in my opinion, and conceptually brings a delightfully unique idea to the scene. It seems like more songs are adopting funk-inspired elements, and I'm all for it. If you dig the fusion of pop and funk, or if you just enjoy high-energy jams, you should definitely check this one out.