It hasn’t even been three months since THE BOYZ had their last comeback, but I guess in 2018 it’s best to strike as often as you can and hope that you break through the incredible barriers that lie in the way of mass stardom. I didn’t think “Right Here” was as solid of a follow-up to “Giddy Up” as I was hoping, but I found it endearing enough to, at the very least, give their new comeback a review. I didn’t have any time to catch up on the image, audio, or video teasers, so I just jumped into this comeback with high hopes.

The Song

I actually don’t really feel all that much for this song. It’s catchy enough, but there’s a serious lack of oomph and impact throughout the entirety of it that almost makes it feel too static. It’s not difficult to identify which part of the song you’re at - it’s just that it mostly feels consistent and not progressive. The chorus heavily focuses on the instrumental but it’s not that interesting to begin with so I kind of just wanted a bit more on that front.

That doesn’t mean that I dislike the song, though. It’s got solid production values behind it and it as I already said, it’s sticky enough that parts can easily get stuck in your head. I enjoyed that the bridge was so extended and had the additional rap built into it. It provided a distinction that wasn’t expected and also didn’t ruin the general flow of the song. I’m unsure that anything THE BOYZ release will ever truly match up against “Giddy Up” for myself, but at the very minimum I think that “No Air” is another solid showing from the group that will hopefully net them a bit more attention.

The Video

This is where things have definitely taken a step up in terms of raw value. The quality of this video is absolutely fantastic and everything from the camerawork to the sets used are noticeably stronger. While there is a loss of some of the creativity and originality that’s basically forced from smaller budget constraints, it was great to see THE BOYZ get a kick up from their previous endeavors.

Styling-wise, I’m not really sure what I feel. It felt a little too muddled for a conceptual theme across the members for their more casual wear, but the more suit-like attire didn’t really work for me, either. I don’t know what I was expecting in particular, though, so it’s more of a minor gripe than anything else.

I dug the use of a bar code as a backdrop and, out of curiosity, I decided to try and scan it with a bar code scanner app.. it didn’t bring anything up, which is kind of sad. I was almost thinking it would have been really cool if it brought up a way to purchase the album, but maybe I was just thinking too futuristically. Anywho, that and the dancing in water stuff was pretty dope.

Overall, I’m unsure of any true depth to the music video on the whole. There’s obviously scenes with metaphoric imagery, most of which tie to not having air.. except for the one with the floating boxes. That’s no gravity, clearly. In the end, though, I think that it was a solid video that did an excellent job of showcasing individual members, choreography, and some nice imagery.


“No Air” feels like a bit of a disappoint for me, namely because there’s a lot more par-for-the-course things in this comeback than I typically enjoy. However, I have no doubt that this song would sit well with a majority of general K-pop listeners. I’m unsure of exactly what type of music listener I can recommend this to, so I think I’ll actually just say to give this one a chance and see what you think, regardless of what you may think of THE BOYZ currently.