THE BOYZ - Right Here



It's been a little over five months since we last heard from The Boyz earlier this year. "Giddy Up" was a track that certainly grabbed my attention and had me interested in the next comeback from the group, so when I heard that they were gearing up for one, I was pretty excited. I liked how much originality and creativity they had in their previous title track, and I was expecting nothing less of them out of this return.

The Song

Well, I can't help but say that I'm a little disappointed in this song. It's not a complete botch, but I do feel like it pulled a little too much away from the factors that gave me interest in the group in the first place. There's a lot more seriousness poured into this track and I would have rather seen them sticking to the more fun-natured ideals from prior. I can't fault them for pulling away from it, and they definitely didn't pull away from it entirely as evidenced by the "nanana" sections, but the loss of that feels like a small shot to what I thought was going to become a key factor of their identity as a group.

On the other hand, this song still retains a somewhat unique flavor when it comes to the vocals, which is where I think the song excels in particular. The dynamic deliveries and steady synergy between the different members still pull to the forefront and manage to give the song a distinct The Boyz tone that can't be replicated. The instrumentals kind of lack a real identity for me this time around, though, and it ends up just making my enjoyment of the song fairly minimal in the end, which is a shame as I do want to see the group rise to the top.

The Video

Gone is the originality and creativity I was speaking of, replaced by what I would assume was a lack of budget, coupled with markings of influences from other groups. The most notable of which is likely the Stray Kids bus. Now don't misunderstand me - Stray Kids does not own using a bus for their scenes. However, to deny that there was likely an influence from their breakout popularity is just silly. And yes, I'm aware that TWICE also used a bus, but I don't think that a boy group is taking notes from a girl group in this case.

There's a very light sports theme going on throughout the video, though most of it really pans out to be much of anything. It's kind of just some type of ball thrown in for what really seems to be no reason. The only exception that I could note was the pool balls, which seemed to be a representation of the group's formation for the choreography. The rest of the video is basically just choreography shots in some extremely plain rooms.. This was probably a bigger disappointment to me overall than the song was, seeing as I was absolutely enamored with how refreshing the video for "Giddy Up" was. I just can't help but feel like small things like this are just going to stunt the group's growth.


In total, I do feel like this comeback was a letdown for me. Perhaps I set my sights too high, but I just feel like this is a regression instead of a progression for the group, and I feel like the culmination of several minor issues will end up being more of a silent killer than a conspicuous one. I don't know that I can really recommend this comeback to anyone aside from diehard fans, but maybe if you like ASTRO or are looking for a song that's on the verge of teetering into NCT Dream territory, this could work for you.