The Rose - She's In The Rain



The Rose is a four-member rock band under J&Star Company. They only debuted a little over a year ago, but their unique vocals and style give them a definitive sound that sets them apart from other rock groups within the mainstream. I haven’t had a chance to review them yet, sadly, but I was definitely excited to do so with this comeback. They’ve had an excellent track record thus far and so I went into this song with the expectations of keeping that record spotless.

The Song

Gloomy atmosphere and a hollowed, painful emotional vocal delivery paint this song into a somber power ballad of sorts. Even without the bits of English lyrics thrown in, it’s obvious that this is track that will pull on the heart strings. It’s powerful in a way that isn’t often heard in the scene, though in fairness rock bands in general are not the main motif of K-pop. Still, there’s a tangible melancholy that simply cannot be denied. Whether it’s more through the slower, staggered instrumentals or those gorgeous, provoking vocals, you definitely feel it.

This is a really beautiful song and there’s no denying that. I think I really enjoyed this as a choice for a title track. It’s not a song where you’ll find a particularly catchy verse or set of lyrics attaching yourself to. It’s not a song that’s definable as mainstream or typical for a mass appeal. It’s something filled with more meaning and intention than a wide swath of K-pop songs, and it sticks out in a fantastic way. While it might not be my favorite song of all time, I think I really love this song and I’ll definitely be revisiting it often.

The Video

I wish that the video hadn’t gone for the overly simplistic style that it did, but at the same time I can’t be too miffed about it because I know that there are budget concerns for the company. The black and white effect was used to add that dramatic effect to everything, and I’m glad that it didn’t overtake the entirety of the video. Additionally, it was used to create an emotional tension without being too upfront about it. All of the scenes involving happy memories of this girl are in color, but all of the scenes involving rain and sad memories are all monochromatic. It’s a good use of the effect and it was an easy, subtle way of adding more emotion into the scene without adding a dent to the cost of it overall.

I loved the use of the photographs being strung up in some scenes and how it tied back to taking pictures of the girl. Obviously it’s quite a literal interpretation of memories, but it was effective and got the point across. Some of the sets used were gorgeous, and even though a majority of this video was fairly straightforward, I liked it nonetheless. I wish there was a bit more variety in total, but like I mentioned earlier, I fully understand that there are limitations. All in all, it was a good video with a couple of nice, memorable points. I don’t think I’ll be re-watching it much, but that’s okay, too.


“She’s In The Rain” does exactly what I was hoping for it to do - it extends the discography of The Rose in terms of genre and style while still holding onto that quality and uniqueness that sets them apart. It packs an emotional punch that seriously doesn’t hold back and it’s absolutely beautiful. If you’re a fan of songs overwrought with passionate anguish, this is probably one that will be topping my list for the year.