Triple H is an act that was formed by Cube Entertainment a little over a year ago. The group consists of two members of boy group PENTAGON (E'Dawn and Hui) as well as solo act and former 4Minute, HyunA. Their debut song "365 FRESH" caught the attention of many, and while many quite enjoyed it, I wasn't quite there yet. I thought the song was good, but there was a slight miss on the funk factor that they were going for. Still, I can't help but admit that the song and Triple H in general helped win me over into enjoying PENTAGON more. That being said, the teasers for this comeback had me thinking they'd be going for a less funky style and more of a retro heavy synth sound.

The Song

Well, I wasn't quite on the mark with my expectations, that's for sure. The bass rhythm of this song is very similar to the one in "365 FRESH," though the echoing trebles of synth help bring out a new vibe overall. In general the song isn't too far off from what one should have expected as a sequel to their last release. The little "Cha Cha Slide" sample at the beginning is honestly probably going to go over most fans' heads, but for an older person like me, it was a great little nostalgia blast. Especially coupled with the sampling of "The Message" synths. 

So what about the song itself? I thought the song was okay. It kind of fell into the same trap that I felt with "365 FRESH" where the instrumental was calling for a good snap of funk in the vocals, but the tang simply wasn't there to back it up. It's catchy enough and, similarly to their last song, I think a ton of people will find themselves not minding this factor at all and just enjoying the song. And I hope that they do. Lord knows that PENTAGON deserves more recognition.

The Video

Alright, let me just state this outright - this music video is incredibly blatant with a lot of its visual imagery. That's not something that's incredibly new or unexpected when it comes to HyunA, but I guess I just wasn't expecting this level of mature metaphors, especially not from the teasers. It's not a bad thing, obviously, but I could have done with a bit more subtlety than a car quite literally driving between HyunA's widespread legs among other things.

That aside, this video was absolutely captivating. There was the fairly expected grainy filter aesthetic, but past that there were some really interesting sets, colors, and, most of all, outfits. The whole thing nailed the concept of a sort of having everything feel very retro, though I'm not quite sure the futuristic part really came through all that well. I think that the video is something that might take some people a few runs through to really get a grasp on all of the things going on in both the foreground and background, and I personally think that's a great thing. 

Again, I could have done without the metaphors being so blunt and obvious, but overall I really enjoyed how packed and crazy this video felt on the whole. The aesthetic worked out nicely and I think there's lots to gleam from almost any moment in the three-and-a-half minute duration that make this one fairly standout and memorable. I do wish that we would have gotten more of that creepy stuff with the masks, but the unique oddness of this video in general made up for it. Besides, there's still a few hints of creepy stuff (though it's mostly front-loaded) that made it through.


Sadly, I ended up coming out of this track with the same feeling that I got from their debut. I wish that I could simply remove that limiting factor of funk that I have in my mind as an expectation, but I can't. The song will most certainly appeal and work for most anybody that enjoyed their last track, so if you did, please go support Triple H and spread the word.