TVXQ! - The Chance of Love



TVXQ! is a two-member duo under SM Entertainment, and are the last remaining remnants of the legendary group that they used to be. While their presence may not be as imposing as it used to be, Yunho and Changmin aren't about to let that stand in the way of making a comeback. "The Chance of Love" is their first comeback in just about three years, and as a fan, I can say that it's been long-waited and highly anticipated. 

The Song

The vocal melody of this song manages to slap it into the earworm category without it necessarily being candy pop or feeling like a forced hook. In fact, almost every part of this song had me wanting to sing along. Both verses were interesting and pulled me in instantly, and the pre-chorus section was a great lead into the similarly fantastic refrain.

Instrumentally, the progression of the verses introducing that wailing guitar in the background, and the more quirky guitar rhythms present in the pre-chorus and bridge were unique and definitely engaging. Overall, this song kind of just pieces together really well in a more downplayed manner than is currently popular in K-Pop. It sets itself apart with both that minimization as well as its uncommon sound and style. Honestly, I was bound to enjoy this song just because it's one of my fonder groups having a comeback, but this was in no way a disappoint for me.

The Video

"The Chance of Love" follows down the path that "Spellbound" seemed to set up, with great uses of black and white contrasts and just the general suit aesthetics. They even got the same backup dancers, if you want to look that far into it. If Yunho or Changmin have aged whatsoever since we'd last seen them, it's unnoticeable at best. Seriously, they look exactly the same as I remember them, and that is a very good thing. 

There's a bit of weird stuff present in this MV, though it's stuff that is very SM. In particular I'm citing the odd editing decisions towards the end of the video where they have the video scaled down and placed atop a background of what looks to be stock footage of diamonds and gold confetti falling down. Like seriously, what? Other than that, most of this video is either the duo looking hot or showing off the dance, and both of those aspects were great.


It was great to have TVXQ! make a comeback, especially at a time where I've been feeling nostalgic over both past groups and the past sound of K-Pop. "The Chance of Love" presents fans and newcomers alike with a good reason to check out the full album, something which I'll definitely be doing myself. The subtlety of the stickiness of this song is seriously excellent, and I think that it will appeal even to a lot of fans of the current ongoing K-pop sound.