TWICE - Dance the Night Away



It's been three months since TWICE last came back with "What is Love?", which means that obviously it's already time for another return from the nine-member girl group. It's summer time and this is the first time that TWICE was really going all-in for a summer concept, so that was pretty exciting to most ONCEs. For me, I curbed my enthusiasm and waited for the music video teasers instead. TWICE has, up to this point at least, been very hit or miss for me when it comes to their music, so when I first started to hear teasers for this song, I was already feeling pretty wary. 

The Song

TWICE is definitely known for their songs being more on the less mature side of things in total, but "Dance The Night Away" really takes it to another level. The main vocal hook of this song literally sounds like something you could hear from a children's show like The Wiggles. Does that mean it's not fun and appealing? Not for most people, no. But to me personally it was just way too much on the infantile side of the fence. Additionally, I actually hate when brass horns in songs are incredibly fake, and this is one of those cases, sadly. It just comes off as one of those attempts of forced appeal in my opinion.

I actually got a bit excited when the first started and that nice, deep, bouncy bass started up, but it ended up not really doing too much in actuality. The verses have an incredibly basic set of instruments that feel sparse for a minimalist take. Toss in an annoyingly scratchy high-pitched synth that hurts any normal human being's ears and will likely cause dogs to howl, and top it off with the fact that the last 40 to 50 seconds of this song felt really unnecessary.. it all just culminates in an experience that I was not wanting to become a reality. That last bit of the song actually solidified my thoughts that the song was legitimately something that I might never want to listen to again, honestly.

I know that a lot of people will accuse of me of just hating TWICE for one reason or another, but that's truly not the case. I've loved several of their past releases. It's just that the amount of decline I see in their progress musically is disappointing, and there's a lot of songs that I just don't find appealing. The girls are great, no doubt. But I separate the person(s) from the artist(s) and this song just grated on me.

All my gripes and negativity aside - I can already tell that this song will appeal to a ton of people, and it will easily be the biggest comeback of this summer. It will, almost without a doubt, top the charts. Even though I dislike the song in terms of musicality, it was a fun song. And that counts for a lot in this season, as well as just in general when it comes to K-pop. Not everything is down to being musically sophisticated and appealing to my ears, and I fully get that. So before you comment and tell me that I'm wrong for disliking the song because it's dominating the charts - I already concede that it will perform well with most of the general audience for K-pop.

The Video

I'm not really sure what else one would be expecting from this music video. I'll just toss out the basics - the girls look incredible, the colors are bright and visually pleasing, and the sets, outfits, and general scenes all match the concept. 

Alright, that stuff is out of the way. Let's talk choreography. This is definitely a step up from TWICE's previous works in terms of maturity. There's less on the cutesy side, and a majority of what was shown for the dance looked like something you might see in a club. Albeit from somebody that isn't fully sober, but hey, that's not necessarily a bad thing. There were a lot of fun parts that weren't overly cutesy, though a lot of this dance did look pretty simple still. But hey, if it's not broke (or making you go broke), don't fix it, right?

I just want to take a moment and talk about how uncomfortable this video made me, though. The constant zooming in and out throughout this video actually had me wanting to throw up. It gave me motion sickness. I'm pretty easily prone to that, so I'm not going to say it will give everybody motion sickness, but it without a doubt is the first (and hopefully last) time I've experienced it from a music video. Additionally, it really felt like a huge amount of the individual member shots were too close up. I don't know if the director was trying to give us every minuscule detail of the whites of their eyes or what, but I seriously found myself pulling away from my monitor trying to make it zoom out.

So, what did I think about the video in total? It was fine. It didn't do anything to blow my mind, and it really didn't do much to break new ground for the scene, but it breaks new ground for the group. This was a really different concept visually for them, and I think that the girls all looked really comfortable and worked it rather well. I know that I already mentioned the girls looking fantastic, but here's a quick shoutout to my favorite visual upgrades for this video. Sana, Momo, Jeongyeon - goodness gracious! They looked especially great in my opinion.

(Random side note - this is probably not the greatest time to release a music video with TWICE exploring a cave. Just a thought.)


This is honestly probably my least favorite title from TWICE, even below Signal. I'm glad to see the group actually moving forward into a new area conceptually, but musically I feel like this was a huge misstep for me. Is it fun and a perfect vibe for the summer? Absolutely. Does that mean I enjoy the song and will be playing it? Absolutely not. I wish TWICE all the best and I know that they'll succeed all over the place with this comeback, but I just can't say I like it much at all.

Seriously, though. Somebody tell JYP to let these girls rest for a day.