TWICE - What is Love?



If you somehow need an introduction to who TWICE is, they're the top girl group in the scene without a doubt. Their power and influence is absolutely insane, and they really don't need much more said than that. While I personally have hit and miss feelings for their songs, generally I enjoy a lot of their music, and I always check out what they put out. My only hopes going into this track were for the song not to start off with a cringe-worthy introduction, and for Momo not to have to sing in a grating voice.

The Song

Let's start off with how my expectations were met. That is to say, they actually were completely met. Momo got to sing in a normal voice finally, and the introduction wasn't something terribly embarrassing. I do have a few gripes with the track, such as how it kind of follows the same formula as many of TWICE's hits. Additionally, while the song was obviously catchy, I did feel like it lacked a bit in comparison to some of their other hits. Regardless, I did find myself enjoying the song throughout its duration. 

Tzuyu getting more lines again was more than welcome, and speaking as somebody who's been critical of TWICE's vocals in the past, there are noticeable improvements with nearly every member. Jeongyeon and Mina in particular surprised me with how far they've come, and it was great to hear that without actually looking for it. I think that this title has me fairly excited to check out the album, which I'll be doing a full review on sometime soon, so be sure to check back for that.

The Video

The video is actually fairly similar in concept and execution to their music video for "Cheer Up" from 2016, though there's obviously different references used here. There are references to Pulp Fiction, La La Land, Ghost, Romeo and Juliet, and plenty of others that I'm sure people will recognize. Having the girls react to the movie references was cute and definitely gave the video an extra angle that "Cheer Up" didn't have. That's essentially all there really was to the concept, and while it wasn't as inventive as I found "Cheer Up" to be, I still liked it this time around. 

There wasn't much to gleam in terms of meaning, but this music video is chock full of fan service as well as fun. As should be obvious and expected with TWICE, the girls all looked fantastic in every scene, and I really loved a lot of the outfits they had. The choregraphy also did have some bits that looked a bit like callbacks to their previous dances, which I'm a bit iffy on, but at least it wasn't the majority of the dance. Overall the video was really fun to watch, and while I think it might be a little early to kind of reference some of their previous works, it wasn't obnoxious in doing so.


TWICE played it safe with this comeback, which isn't too much of a surprise, but they did still put out another infectious tune that I'm sure will absolutely murder the charts for weeks and weeks to come. This song is definitely an earworm, and if you enjoy TWICE in general, this is going to be a great comeback for you. Heck, even if you're on the fence about TWICE this might still be good for you.

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