Another four months has rolled by since we last heard from TWICE, but we all know that JYP can’t have you or anybody else forget about them, so it’s time for another comeback! As of late, I’ve personally been enjoying title tracks from TWICE less and less which is rather unfortunate. I started off really enjoying their music and hoping to see more of them, but these days I’ve basically run through their albums maybe once or twice (no pun intended) fully and then never wanted to really listen to them again. Still, they’re the biggest girl group in Korea so my opinion is in the minority, and I’ll always be checking their music out regardless.

The Song

I can’t really say that “YES or YES” has moved the needle for me one way or the other. On one hand, it was a little better than I was expecting from the teasers, but on the other hand I came out of it feeling very lukewarm. The song was incredibly jumbled with so many varying changes in tone and idea that it didn’t really feel coherent for me. I do, however, quite like that sort of experimentation in general, but also because TWICE needs to branch out a little bit. They’ve got a concept and I get that, but for me I want to see them grow and evolve.

The verses of this song were a little bit too forgettable for me, but I definitely wasn’t feeling the pacing change during the second verse. The bridge was such a long part of the song and I didn’t really like it much, either. Especially not that shift halfway through it. Of course the chorus and hook were gummy and addictive, though, and it’s easily the best part of the track for me.

Instrumentally this was a bit pulled back on the higher-pitched synth tones which helped to give it a slightly more mature feel than a lot of their previous tracks. Which is, of course, a good thing, because I know I’ve personally seen comments regarding them continuing their more childish tracks, and I’ve felt that way myself as well. The lyrics of this song are honestly a little bit creepy. If this wasn’t being sung by a gaggle of adorable girls I’m not sure that this would ever tide over well, but I guess that’s a lengthier discussion that I won’t really get into right now.

All in all, I just don’t know that I think this song was a solid title track for me. When I listened to it a few times without the music video playing, it really sounded like a b-side song, which is also where this sort of experimentation tends to happen for a lot of groups. I’m sure that the ONCE fandom will love this track and support it, but as one of the few people that wouldn’t consider themselves a big fan, I don’t think this struck me as anything too special. The chorus is fantastic, but it simply doesn’t lift up the rest of the song to a very enjoyable level in my opinion.

The Video

The first thing that I have to say about this video is that the girls looked great, of course. There were a few odd issues I found myself having with some of the makeup styling, but I actually think that may have stemmed from the color effects going on. The styling in terms of fashion was definitely my favorite part of this video, though. Jeongyeon in that driver outfit was a standout for me personally, but I’ve no doubt that would change on a person-to-person basis. The sets for this video were actually a lot less impressive than I was expecting. I’m not saying they were cheap, but the over feel of the video felt like it was trying to make everything seem and feel a lot bigger than it actually was. That’s likely due to the fact of just how many special effects there were in this video, though. Just about every shot here had some kind of effect going on.

I wish there was a little more seriousness taken with the vague Halloween theme going on. The video starts off with a whole 30-second chunk of an introduction that would have you believe that you’re in for a spooky time, but then it all basically gets abandoned. In fact, there’s basically no story that goes on for the rest of the video. Jeongyeon drives to TWICE Square which is fairly carnival-esque, but really that’s about it. The rest of the video is just shots of visual ways to line up with the lyrics implying there’s only one choice to make.

I know that a lot of people have been clamoring about the choreography for this song, but even since the teaser for this release I thought it looked a little awkward. The chorus portion reminded me a lot of the chicken dance and I don’t know that I could ever take that seriously. It’s definitely one of the more intricate and involved choreography that TWICE has done, however, and I’d be lying if I denied that. There’s a clear attempt on behalf of JYP Entertainment to show that the girls can actually do more than they’ve shown, and I certainly appreciate it.

Overall it’s a TWICE video. It does everything it needs to by showing off all of the girls in a variety of cute outfits and scenes, and it showed off the choreography for a good while as well. I personally wish there were a bit more depth to it overall, but I’m sure that fans more than happy with this.


TWICE returning with “YES or YES” did little to really shift my opinion on the group or their music, and sadly I can’t say that I personally enjoyed it all that much. It’s definitely not bad and certainly is better than what I was actually expecting, but it ended up just feeling too chaotic and turbulent for me. If you’re a fan of TWICE or perhaps songs with unexpected shifts in pacing, tone, and/or sound, this might work for you, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it otherwise.

(Random note: Sorry about the thumbnail! I couldn’t find a good clear shot of the whole group so I just went with my favorite shot of the whole MV instead. Momo looked so good twirling that fire!)