TXT is a five-member boy group, which is notably the second group to be debuting out from under BigHit Entertainment, the same label that holds the absolute powerhouse that is BTS. This will be BigHit’s first debut in six years, and similarly as I have been in the past, I was a bit hesitant when I approached this review. (MAMAMOO’s brother group VROMANCE was notably not as big of a hit, and I feared that might also be the case here.) Still, though, I was definitely excited to see what direction this group would head into splinter themselves away from just being in the shadow of their senior group.

The Song

I have to admit that while I didn’t know what all to expect, it certainly wasn’t this. This song is a lot more bright and lively than you’d likely ever see BTS get, which was smart on Big Hit’s end. It not only gives them a distinction between their boy groups, it also grants them a wider audience of fans, and potential producers and writers to work with.

Personally this isn’t much my type of song in total, but I still couldn’t deny how clean the entire production of this was. The vocals were disgustingly crisp, the instrumentation was fresh and fun while remaining as an underpinning instead of stealing the show, and the song on the whole felt like it was also in motion and heading somewhere.

For me, I think it was a little safer than I would have liked in total. It did very little to make the group stand out among many other boy groups that pull on cute concepts. It certainly distinguished the own label’s groups apart, but in terms of the scene overall, I think this easily sounds like it could have a track for ASTRO or NCT Dream, and even some lesser-known nugu groups. It just didn’t do enough to really set TXT’s personal vibes in my mind. That’s only a slight knock, mind you - most groups, including BTS, take a while to find and hone their style and niche and that’s just fine.

The Video

Alright, so if you’re a group that’s following up on BTS and their massive success, it should probably go without say that your choreography absolutely has to be on point. I think it’s safe to say that TXT have that down without a doubt. The dance for this song had so many fun and unique bits that stood out that I don’t think it’s even worthwhile to point them out. Just go and watch them and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The mixture of originality and that flair of cuteness was great.

The music video itself was only alright in my opinion, though. The quirky colors were nice on the eyes and the fashion was exactly the type of styling I like - each member wearing something different but still cohesively fitting into the concept. The sets were also nice and looked completely different than basically any K-pop video I’ve seen before, especially so within the last year or so. However, there really wasn’t much to latch onto other than the choreography (which, again, was super fantastic and amazing and I love it.)

There isn’t a plot going on and there wasn’t really any imagery to decipher, either. Basically the only thing that stood out in this video was the bits of cartoonish animation to accentuate certain movements, or just to basically put a Snapchat filter over the members. Even that is a bit debatable, as that has been seen in a few other videos, too, but I think the style was different and that’s enough to pull it as a positive in my book.

Overall, the video was okay. From the viewpoint of somebody that isn’t fully invested into the group yet, there seemed to be some great synergy between the members, and I think I got to see each of the members shine in their own ways even within a short duration. I wish there was just a bit more to actually hold onto and keep me coming back, but that’s also something that we can see them improve on in the future.


“CROWN” is a fair debut song, though I’m not really sure that it lived up to all of the hype that was being generated over this new boy group. In fairness most of that hype was not of the group or company’s doing, and I don’t think it would have been possible for any group to really live up to all of those expectations to begin with. Still, the song is decent and showed off some serious potential, and I’ll have my eye on TXT going into the future.

(Random note: BigHit sure does love their three-letter abbreviations.)