UNB - Sense



UNB is a nine-member boy group that's the end result of KBS's reality survival show The Unit. As is the case with most of these kinds of groups, I myself have paid no attention and seen very little, if any, of the group prior to this debut. That being said, I had high expectations for this group as per usual. Coming from a reality show means that these boys are supposed to be the very best that the show had to offer, and that's what I went in looking for.

The Song

The first thing that came to my mind when the song started was that it was going for a similar sound that Wanna One's "Energetic" had. The three tones of piano keys in particular were fairly similar. There were a few key differences, but it still reminded me of it. Regardless, as the song pulls away from the introduction, it quickly veers onto its own path and proves to be a song that isn't just merely a copycat. Though, energetic might be a pretty fantastic way to describe the atmosphere surrounding this song.

The heavier electronic sounds bring a sense of hype and the vocals intensify that sensation. There are good breaks between those weightier sections for the ears to take a break and to have a great lead up into it. Admittedly for international fans, there isn't much to latch onto in terms of something easy to sing along with. Even still, the chorus is obviously addictive. The bridge works perfectly for the song as well, and the overall structrue and flow is fluid and logical. I'm definitely looking forward to what UNB has for us down the line after hearing "Sense."

The Video

There's a very slight filter over the entire music video that I guess is supposed to make it look like it's playing on an older television, but more than anything else, it just lowered the pixel quality of everything a bit too much for my liking. It's not like the song was going for a retro style so it didn't fit that angle, and honestly I don't know what the purpose was. My best guess is that's supposed to be some kind of subtle reference to the fact that they originate from a TV show, but even that's just a guess.

I'm a little surprised that they went with colored smoke grenades, as those have fallen out of flavor for the most part. I'm also shocked at the French portion of the video, as the parts that were whispered sounded fairly good in terms of accent and pronunciation. I'm no French expert, but that was pretty cool to see as an international fan nonetheless.

All of that aside, this video kind of had my mind jumping to a lot of other recent music videos. There's a lot of ideas that are a bit too similar to other groups' songs, and while it doesn't necessarily make it bad, it just means that I personally found it less enjoyable. Certain parts of the video looked a little cheesy, but overall it was okay. The choreography that was shown had me wanting to see more, so I'll definitely be checking out live performances and praying for a dance version to be released.


I know that a lot of people have been drawing comparisons between UNB and Wanna One, and I myself even did in this review. While I personally enjoyed "Sense", I couldn't help but notice the similarities to "Energetic," especially as a debut track. Don't get me wrong, I did like this release, I just wish it would have separated UNB a bit more from their competition. If you liked Wanna One's debut, you'll probably dig this one, too.