UNI.T - No More



UNI.T is a nine-member girl group that was formed through the reality survival show The Unit. All of the members are former or current members of groups or are solo acts. It consists of Euijin (current member of SONAMOO), Halla (former member of The Ark), Hyun-joo (former member of APRIL), Ji-won (formerly of SPICA), NC.A (currently a solo artist), Woohee (current member of Dal Shabet), Yebin (current member of DIA), Yoonjo (former member of Hello Venus), and ZN (current member of Laboum). Technically they debuted this song at the 2018 Dream Concert, but this is their official music video re-debut. 

The Song

UNI.T opted to go with a less expected style of music for this debut, and I actually kind of love the choice. The reggae-pop vibe pulls out memories of Wonder Girls' "Why So Lonely" and Primary and Choa's "Don't Be Shy," but it also tosses in some darker synth tones to differentiate itself and give it a unique flavor. The chorus is addictive with its coy, sly vocals, and it also briefly flaunts some of the vocal prowess of the members. There's not a roller coaster of notes by any means, but there's just enough to tease the possibilities. 

N.CA's voice stuck out the most to me, but all of the girls sounded pretty fantastic.The techniques and flavors of their voices all blended together in a way that one should expect from a handpicked girl group. The instrumentals have the expected styling that comes with the territory, but there's also a sassy, brassy sax that adds a touch of provocative tones to the song. All in all, this song is different enough to pull you in, interesting enough to keep you listening, and addictive enough to keep you coming back.

The Video

This seems to be another music video where not much is going on plot-wise, but instead we got a good showing of the choreography as well a plentiful amount of shots of each of the members. With a group that has as many members as this, it can often feel like certain members are not getting enough screen time and that others are getting much more than whoever your favorite might be, and that's certainly how I felt during this one. Instead of focusing on that, however, I'd rather focus on what we did get.

Aside from the gratuitous butt shot fairly early on in the video, everything is done tastefully. A majority of the sexiness of this video comes from a more matured side of the girls themselves rather than tacky outfits or forced scenes that draw it out, and that's always the way to go in my opinion. The choreography seemed to have a good mix of both sexy and cute moves, and there was a lot that I saw that I think will look amazing on stage. The floor portion of the dance definitely stood out, and even though seeing them dance in the rain at the end was awesome, I sincerely hope they don't have to do that for any live performances. In the end it was a solid video given what they had to work with, and it felt seamless in terms of the girls' synergy together even though they're all from different groups and companies.


UNI.T's choice for a debut track was definitely not the norm, but that works in their favor with this track. It's different from everything that's going on at the moment, and it's got enough of their cumulative charms as individuals to give it an extra pinch of a wonderfully unique spice. If you find reggae vibes with a pop twist appealing, this is definitely one track you have to give a listen to.

(Little rant real quick - whoever was in charge of putting a date on this debut should without question be fired. Timing it so close to a comeback from BTS was bad enough, and then it got delayed to being on the same day? Unacceptable. This song will undoubtedly be missing traction and attention because of the poor choice of timing.)