UP10TION, as the name suggests, is a ten-member boy group under TOP Media that debuted back in 2015. I had personally picked them out as one the groups that I believed showed a lot of promise and would grow big, though that seems to have yet to happen. Still, I've been keeping my eye on UP10TION for a while now, and while I do have issues with some of their previous title tracks, I was still very excited to check out their newest release.

The Song

Sadly, I was actually really disappointed with this release. UP10TION has definitely messed with brassy horns in the past, but they sound cheap here. Not only that, but they're the only upfront instrumental to carry us through the song - everything else just plays beneath. To have that be the case and to only use a single melody that consists of just a few notes? It feels so repetitive while it's there and incredibly bare bones when it isn't. 

"CANDLYLAND" also traps itself into an issue of feeling like it's at one volume the entire time. There isn't a pause for even a second vocally, and past the introduction the instrumentals follow suit. It feels like an attempt to make sure something is always in your ear. It's certainly not as offensive or aggressive in sound as other songs that share this problem, but it still feels like they're rushing through the song to fit everything into a shorter time frame than originally expected.

The Video

The music video is simplistic, entirely consisting of a good mix of individual member shots and choreography. There's not a story to bog us down, which I actually really prefer for UP10TION. One of their strongest points, in my opinion, is their excellent dancing, so I always want to see that. That being said, the choreo did look great when they were showing it, and I think it lived up to my expectations for the group. 

The very first scene with that drawn out shot smoothly transitioning between three members is great, and I really dug that. I'm very unsure of those Christmas lights everywhere, though. The styling sadly doesn't seem to have any particular theme going for it, which is unfortunate as that would help the boys stand out from other groups right now. Still, "CANDYLAND" has an agreeable music video that suffices, though it left me simply just wanting a full choreography version. 


My biggest regret for this song is that had it been mixed a bit better and injected with just a little more empty space, I think that this would have been a great comeback. As it is now, I can't say that I agree that it still is. I'm sure that this will actually be fantastic for live audiences since this type of issue really doesn't extend to live performances, but for everybody else, I can only recommend this song if you like a constant barrage in your ears.