VIXX - Scentist



VIXX is a six-member boy group under Jellyfish Entertainment. I've never gotten to write a review for them yet, but they've long been one of my favorite boy groups in the entire K-pop scene. Their last comeback, "Shangri-La" was incredible, serving as a massive departure from their previous ventures, and just conceptually I found it gorgeous. As is always the case with groups that I consider to be among my favorites, I had expectations rolling into this comeback.

The Song

Similarly to their previous comeback, "Scentist" once more pulls VIXX into a vastly different direction than they've previously gone. It's a very disciplined and precise song in terms of how the pieces fit together, and I think the progression of it overall feels interesting. However, I did have several issues with the track. The drowned instrumentals feel like they drone on a bit too much during the chorus, and honestly the chorus as a whole was a letdown. The flow of the song would have had me believe that the refrain would be harder hitting and more dramatic, but instead it felt lacking. It was catchy in a somewhat odd way, but it just didn't work for me.

Additionally, Ravi's raps kind of really interrupted the general vibe of the song. Whereas most of the vocals were reserved and darker in tone, Ravi's bits were.. well, they were Ravi rapping. The raps felt really jarring and in contention to the development of the song, and they ended up being another factor that just took me out of it. Still, I think that "Scentist" was mostly cohesive, and it was compelling in a way that simply just wasn't suited for my personal tastes. 

The Video

The video seems to be a heavy-handed reference to either the novel version or movie version of Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. I'm not entirely familiar with the source material, but just from a title standpoint this makes sense and lines up with the EAU DE VIXX album concept. The black, white, and red color themes also match up with this reference, so it seems that this video is mostly paying homage. 

That being said, instead of focusing on just the concept, I'd really like to talk about the choreography. VIXX's dances are one of my biggest reasons for being a big fan of theirs, as they always come out with something that just blows me away. "Scentist" certainly met and even exceeded my expectations on this front. While they didn't show off all of it, what they did end up showing looked so damn good. I can't wait to see live performances and hopefully the dance version for this song.


While conceptually beautiful and artistic, I can't say that I'm personally in love with this comeback. My subsequent listens have left me with a more positive feeling about "Scentist" on the whole, and while there are some issues that I still have, I think that the song is decent. It's certainly not my favorite VIXX song, but I can see what others will find appealing about it. If you're a fan of slower, more methodical, darker themes, give this one a go.