Wanna One is the eleven-member boy group consisting of the winning contestants of the latest season of the popular survival reality show Produce 101. "BOOMERANG" marks their fourth comeback since debuting last year, and I have to admit that my interest in them has been waning as I haven't found any of their tracks since "Energetic" and "Burn It Up" particularly impressive. Still, they're obviously one of the dominant groups in terms of sales and popularity at the moment, and I did find myself hoping that this comeback would draw me back in.

The Song

The introduction for "BOOMERANG" with the heavier bass horns and clicky tones quickly drew me in, and then within moments I was let down. The first lyric to this honestly sounds like they heard BTS's "Fire" "bow wow wow" and attempted to recreate it without being an exact carbon copy. To make matters worse, that first lyric is a taste of the chorus. The exact part that it sounds like it's replicating. This alone set me down the path of finding this song to just be way too similar to other songs in design. It was like a Frankenstein amalgamation of BTS's "Fire," SF9's "Fanfare," and UP10TION's "Catch Me!" all in one.

I didn't hate the song, and I actually did find some pieces to be enjoyable. In the second half of the first verse, the way that the rappers play off one another was complementary and exciting, and the bridge was actually really interesting. The way that it ended up using reversed, pulsing synth was unexpected and yet it it still worked in neatly with everything else. However, these refreshing elements alone couldn't pull this song away from its generic mediocrity. 

The Video

I'm probably stretching this a bit, because I don't believe that they intended to copy things from other groups with every aspect, but this music video also reminded me of something else. VIXX's "G.R.8.U" was also a video entirely in reverse. Regardless of that similarity, it was still an impressive feat to see the boys managing to lip syncing knowing that they had to do that backwards. Styling-wise, the outfits were a bit tame and boring, funnily enough falling in line with how this song felt.

I'm very confused about all of the arrows used in the music video. This song is called "BOOMERANG" and there was not a single boomerang in the video, but there were hundreds of arrows? Apart from the last half where everything is in reverse, there isn't too much to say for this video. The dance looked pretty good, so I'm sure I'll be checking out live performances regardless of how I felt about the song. 


"BOOMERANG" sadly just didn't bring enough new ideas to the table to separate itself out from the large pile of songs in the same vein as it. Honestly, if you haven't heard any of the songs that I compared it to, maybe you'll find it enjoyable because you won't have those as comparisons. Otherwise, I just can't recommend this song as a standout from the pack.