Wanna One - Light



Wanna One's last comeback was just a mere three months ago, but as current K-pop demands dictate, they must come back several times a year or else they'll be old and forgotten news. I sincerely and severely disliked their last comeback due to it just being a blended stew of popular trends with nothing new and/or exciting to really add in. So with that in mind, all I wanted from this comeback was a renewal of my interest in Wanna One. Something that would show me that they have more to give than just what I've already heard before.

The Song

Well, right off the bat I was pretty disappointed. The first set of notes already sounded familiar and uninspired, but what followed was an almost by the numbers sort of feel that I was already picking up on from some of their prior comebacks. The chorus in particularly had me wanting to turn the song off - I found it grating and annoying rather than catchy or fun. I'm guessing it was supposed to feel emotional, but there was a serious lack of weight to the vocals that made it fail to do so. 

There are just a lot of things about this song that scream out 'generic' to me. Honestly, it's just like a gigantic hodgepodge of everything that's been trending lately, and it doesn't work out very well in my opinion. The best takeaway that I got from this song was that at least it wasn't a complete mess, and in my opinion that's a step up from "BOOMERANG."  Don't get me wrong, the song isn't bad, it's just that it really is nothing special.

The Video

Sadly, the music video isn't going to fair much better a review from me. There are so many parts in this video that look so ridiculous and over the top that the more serious atmosphere that they were trying to portray just ends up crumbling down into shambles. It's another one of those videos that just lacks a real plot, and instead of just being upfront and admitting that, we get shots of imagery with no actual purpose other than to trick people into thinking that there's more going on than the director actually had the capacity to come up with. 

There were some positives still, even with a video as bland as this one. The boys look great, of course, and moreover there are parts of the choreography that, unlike the song, seem distinct and interesting. Pulling this away from just Wanna One for a moment, I really hope that K-pop starts to pull away from all the drab, dull color schemes and sets that have been way overused as of late. The trite usage of 'gritty' cement backgrounds has really lost any edge that it could possibly have at this point, and now just serves as a reminder that a criminal amount of unoriginality has been left unchecked for far too long.


"Light" just solidifies my loss of interest in Wanna One, which has been a waning and slowly fading one for myself. Since their debut they just haven't managed to recapture what I thought was an interesting, fun, and somewhat unique dynamic that actually did separate them from the pack. Then again, what can you really expect with these boys having comebacks every three months? If you're a Wanna One fan and always will be, go ahead and check this one out. If you're growing tired of the ongoing bland types of trends that have yet to be stopped, you'll probably end up with similar thoughts to my own.