WANNA.B is a five-member girl group housed under Zenith Media Contents. There have been several lineup changes since their debut back in 2015, enough that there are more members that used to be in the group than are currently. But hey, at least they’re not as notoriously volatile as BADKIZ. (Oops, HOT PLACE now, my bad.) Anywho, the group has literally not had a song in almost three years, so it was a surprise to hear that they were releasing something. I actually was a fan of their debut track “My Type,” and somewhat "their most recent song “Why?” and even though I didn’t really find myself caring much for the other songs they’ve released, I figured I should at least give this one a listen.

The Song

Right off the bat you can, unfortunately, hear the production values on this song being a tad lower than your usual expectations for a K-pop song. Granted, that’s almost always a given when it comes to songs coming out of lesser-known companies and groups, but it’s still something that instantly catches your attention. It’s not too distracting in the grand scheme of the song, but it is worth mentioning still.

Apart from the production values, the song is actually just fine. It’s not super catchy by any means, but it’s certainly stickier than a lot of songs I’ve heard from other groups in the past, and there’s nothing overtly offensive within the track. It does feel a bit like a track that kind of just makes sure to check off all the boxes, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself.

The instrumentals fall a little bit on the bland side, especially with how repetitive they are by the end of the song, and the vocals aren’t anything to write home about. However, I do think there’s a certain level of attitude and energy present in a lot of these vocals that shouldn’t go unappreciated. In my personal opinion, it’s this sort of character that sets groups apart from one another, and I think that WANNA.B provided that fairly well here.

Overall, though, this does feel like a song that will be either ignored, forgotten, and/or tossed to the wayside by the large swath of K-pop listeners. It reminds me a bit of “HUH” by 4MINUTE, which does hold a special place in my heart of course. However, that song was released all the way back in 2010, and this track does little to evolve the idea in any meaningful way. I don’t think it’s bad by any means, but I just can’t see it being much more than a quick listen and forget.

The Video

Well, if I didn’t touch on the budget enough when I was talking about the song, I’ll definitely have to mention it within the context of the video. Once more, right when the video begins, you can tell it’s just a tad on the blurry side of things. That’s fine, of course - you can still make out what everything is and you can certainly see everything that’s going on. It’s just that in this day and age to see this sort of quality is a bit disappointing.

Whoever budgeted this video seems to have nabbed a single location to shoot in.. a car shop. And that’s it. Every single scene in this video is within this car shop, which seems to have two separate areas - a car garage, and a car wash. I’m really unsure about this location, honestly. It seems like it was easy enough to park some nice cars in the background for the girls to sit on and sing or rap in front of, but beyond that, it just felt a little awkward.

Bizarre choice for a set aside, the girls looked pretty solid. Their outfits were differentiated while still remaining cohesive, and the colors and/or lighting choices really helped to keep them as the main focus even when the backgrounds were trying to steal some attention. The video didn’t really seem to have much in the way of a story to tell, and honestly if you can make some sense of the white mask that randomly showing up at the end of the video, you’ve got me beat. It’s not the same mask they use at the start, and it seriously just seemed random to me. As was the blindfolded scene, or the weird toy car.. yeah, basically none of this video made much sense to me past it being something to show the girls off and the dance. Speaking of, the dance was kind of forgettable, unfortunately.

The video certainly could have been improved, but I also understand that the group operates on a significantly smaller budget than most groups do, so it’s forgivable. It doesn’t change that this video was kind of a mess, but at least we all know why it was.

(Random note: Seriously, we’re back to colored smoke canisters again?)


“LEGGO” is a bit of a disappointment after having to wait three years for a comeback out of WANNA.B, but it does enough things right to make it for a reasonably enjoyable track. It’s got some a bit of and sexiness to it, but overall I do feel that it lacks enough of both, as well as other features, to make it a track that stands out and makes itself truly memorable. If you’re a fan of girl crush concepts and/or nugu groups, I’d at least recommend checking this out, but I don’t really think it’s going to be a song you’ll want to revisit very often.