Weki Meki - Crush



It’s been almost a full eight months since we’d last seen Weki Meki back in February earlier this year. I’m not going to lie - I’m not a fan of Weki Meki musically. I haven’t found any of their title songs appealing to this point, and while a handful of their b-sides have been better, nothing has yet to actually sell me on them. So you can imagine that I was actually taken back by the teasers for this release, because it sounded like it might actually be the first step towards changing my mind on the group.

The Song

Instead, this song lies in some vague spot between girl crush and cutesy, and unfortunately the blend just leaves me wanting a more clear cut decision in one direction or the other. There was actually so much promise in the girl crush sections, but it just gets overshadowed by the rather played out portions everywhere else. Nothing about the chorus is particularly exciting, and sadly the opening to this song is easily the strongest part. That early buildup into a great, fierce rap was setting up to something incredible, and then the pre-chorus and what followed thereafter were just such a letdown.

I guess this is what I should expect from Weki Meki from here on out. I tend to give groups three chances, and that is, sadly, the third miss from Weki Meki for me. This seems to be their trend - have a verse that draws you and is entirely compelling, unique, and interesting, but then follow it up with a messy, average chorus that seems to lose any real sense of identity of what preceded it. I don’t know, I guess for fans of massively conflicting sounds throughout their song, this works. It’s definitely not for me.

The Video

The video is just as much of a miss for me as the song is, mainly because it actually follows the structure of the lack of follow-through on pushing this as a full on girl crush concept. Just like the song, we get some tired mix of cutesy thrown in. Instead of actually having the girls be badasses that we were made to think them to be - oh no! They’re tripping and stumbling, they actually can’t shoot their gun, they can’t even play Space Invaders! Because women who can actually do things? Pfft, nobody wants to see that. Seriously, I absolutely abhor this concept. Take a page from Taeyeon’s “Something New” and let the girls kick some ass.

Apart from that, I also to have mention what some might speculate to be plagiarism. The ending to this video is bizarrely similar to the ending in PRISTIN’s “WE LIKE,” and to have it coming from a girl group that’s also part of the post-I.O.I disbandment groups is just a little too on the dicey side for me. I’m not making any accusations, but that is a hard sell in my opinion. Like, it’s even right down to the incorrect height measurements. Come on.

Now, I do have to say that I loved how fierce the girls looked in their outfits. The styling was on point for sure. The dance didn’t really seem to be much of anything that I hadn’t seen before, though, so I’m curious as to what the point dance of this was. I think the color palettes for girl crush concepts in general honestly need some expanding, because I’m fairly tired of this black against pink stuff. Anyway, I didn’t care for this MV and its portrayal of women.


“Crush” is another unfortunate misstep for Weki Meki, in my opinion. They continue to trudge down a path that’s been overplayed for a while, and instead of carving out their own niche and selling you on their personal charms, we ended up getting another track with a lack of true identity, recycled ideas both musically and visually, and overall just a lack of uniqueness that could sell Weki Meki as something different. If you’ve been a fan of their past tracks, I’m sure this is great for you, but I can’t recommend it if you haven’t been.