Weki Meki - La La La



Weki Meki is an eight-member girl group under the Fantagio Music label. They debuted last year, getting a lot of traction from two of their members being in I.O.I formerly. "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend," their debut track, did not work for me at all and I couldn't find myself really getting into them because of that, so I was hoping that this comeback might have changed my mind. From the teasers, though, it didn't sound like much had changed and that got me worried.

The Song

"La La La" starts off with strumming pattern on the lower end of a guitar, an occasional funk-inspired chord striking out while Doyeon talks with a distant filter over her voice. Yoojung then starts the song off, singing while the beat continues as it was. The second portion of the verse picks things up in pace a bit, but our first real shift occurs at the pre-chorus which is some mish-mash of rap and almost nursery rhyme-like singing over more resonant guitar sounds. The chorus tosses in a more interesting bass rhythm and has more horns than we were hearing previously, but keeps a similar combination of both rap and singing. Finally, there's a lengthy bridge with Doyeon talking on the phone with a similar filter to the opening of the song, another rap and singing combo, and then the expected high note to lead us to the end of the song.

The song definitely was not what the teasers were painting it out to be, but that's a good thing to me. "La La La" is an improvement over "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend," and by a large margin at that, but I still don't find it very compelling. The chorus is just a bit too uninspired and I don't find it very catchy. In my opinion the verses present a more interesting flow vocally and sound less childish which seems to fit in more with the kind of instrumentals being used.

My biggest issue with this song is that it feels very nonstop in terms of how much sound is just being thrown at you throughout it, especially with how little the instrumentals vary throughout the course of the song. I also dislike all of the talking bits that I honestly find just a bit too cringey at this point in K-Pop in general, though that's more of a recent realization for me.

The Video

The video opens up on Doeyon talking to us before the rest of the girls pile in behind her to open up the dance for the song. There are two main scenes for this video - one in a garage of some kind and the other in a locker room. The lights in both settings are flickering nonstop throughout the video, so there's your fair seizure warning. The entire video is mostly just showing off the choreography in these two scenes until about halfway through we get one final room with a giant Weki Meki logo in the background, though this room also apparently has electrical issues.

Overall the video is just a glorified dance video. I don't mind that at all, and I do think that the dancing matched the tone of the song on every beat, so props to whoever did the choreography on that. There were a few parts in the video that seemed a tad more candid than some, so that was fun, but otherwise there isn't much to say here. If you're a fan of the girls, you'll get  your expected shots of each of them, but there does seem to be the expected focus on the usual suspects.


"La La La" definitely serves as a step up from their debut, but Weki Meki has still yet to hit their stride with me. The nonstop, almost aggressive sound has never really appealed to me and this is not an exception. Additionally, I really wish the song lacked all of the talking bits as I feel they definitely took away from what the song was trying to go for and didn't add to the overall feel. If you liked Weki Meki before, I'm sure you'll like this track, but otherwise I can only recommend it to those that like constant and direct sound.