If you're not aware of them by now, WINNER is a 4-member boy group under YG Entertainment. After having an absolutely massive year for themselves last year, it seems that YG decided not to keep the boys in the dungeon for too long in hopes of continuing that streak. I personally grew very tired of the tropical house trend in K-pop fairly early on last year, so my only hopes going into this were for a catchy song without those elements weighing it down.

The Song

Oh boy, where do I start with this song? It starts off with at least some kind of promise, though warning signs immediately flared up with the auto-tune cropping up in the background. Those warning signs don't prepare you for what is the most abusive show of it for the entire pre-chorus and chorus, and even portions of the second verse. Honestly, everything else in the song is eclipsed by how distracting and overbearing the auto-tune is. The hook isn't even that great to begin with, and then when you add all the synthetic vocals it just sounds messy.

I'll give them some credit, there's a distinct WINNER feel to the song still, though that credit is solely reserved for the sections that you can actually hear their voices in. Other than that, I just can't find many positive factors in this song. Everything just feels like it's just emulating very established genres and ideas, and not really improving on them or adding anything new to the table.

The Video

Similarly to the song, the video seeks to regurgitate ideas from others that came before it. Seriously, this plays out just like a standard western rap music video. There's an army of women in the video and their sole purpose for a majority of it is simply to be there wearing swimsuits. That's it. They don't move half the time, and the ones that do appear to be backup dancers that are just in swimsuits as well. I'd say it's for no reason other than sexualization, but hey, they're on the beach. Though I'd say it's fairly obvious that it's no coincidence -  the director shot it at the beach simply to have them dressed like that. 

Everything about this video seriously just rubbed me the wrong way. It's painful to see these terrible portrayals of women seeping into K-pop, though at least it's not rapid or very widespread. Don't misunderstand me, I'm sure that they were all paid well and what not, but that doesn't detract from the depiction of them as basically objects for nearly the entire time. Well, at least the video matches the song in terms of how generic and bland it is. 


Everything about this comeback just screams awkward and forced westernization, and the concepts that are popular here translate so poorly that it just leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Both the song and the video are a huge letdown for me as a fan of WINNER, and especially so because they released some fantastic songs last year. If you're into westernized hip-hop music, then this might be good for you, but if you're into K-pop to escape that, I'd avoid this one.