WJSN - La La Love



It’s been just a little under four months since we last heard from WJSN in September of last year. While I wasn’t necessarily the biggest fan of that song, I did think it was their most successful attempt at a song that had mainstream appeal. I’ll admit once more that WJSN has never much been my style musically, but I like to check in on them to see what they’re up to nonetheless. That being said, I honestly didn’t check into any of the teasers for this comeback and just jumped into this review blind.

The Song

Well, where do I start with this one? On the whole, there’s a lot of slick production and wonderful ideas blending together to create that nice, dreamy gloss that WJSN has become known for. However, there are too many parts of this song that just stand out negatively to me. The pre-chorus just feels so disjointed and it completely interrupts the flow of the song. Sometimes that sort of disconnect can work, but I feel like it had a negative impact on my enjoyment overall this time around. The opening and ending talking bits haven’t really worked for me since my initial entry into K-pop almost a full decade ago, and it doesn’t do much for me here, either. Even Exy’s rap this time around felt weak to me, which is rather surprising as I think she’s easily one of the best rappers out there of any girl group on the market.

The chorus itself is fairly sticky and is probably as close to a mainstream style as we’ve heard from the group to this point. Coupled with the uncharacteristically distracting pre-chorus, this comeback also has the most varied structure that we’ve gotten from WJSN when pitted alongside a majority of their other titles. I loved the fun splashes of guitar that can be faintly heard throughout the track, combining a bit of the Latin fever trend with their more staple sounds in a way that made for something interesting on the ears. Vocally the girls all sound wonderful, too, putting out some nice performances without overdoing it at any point.

Even as somebody that’s not a huge fan of the group, the line distribution was much more evenly spread in this track than in their previous releases, which is something that’s sure to go a long way for fans of the girls that typically get left behind. My overall feelings on the track, however, are like many of mine regarding their past titles. I just couldn’t find myself really getting into it on the whole. I really wish I knew what in specific it was about them, but for some reason their style of music has just never grabbed me.

The ethereal atmosphere that accompanies each of their releases is consistent, but for me it’s been more of a limiting factor on their music that’s just kept me personally disinterested, and unfortunately “La La Love” doesn’t change that. While there were structural differences that I mentioned above, it wasn’t enough to really shift the general sound and style of their discography into a new direction. They’ve been growing steadily in popularity, though, so I’m pretty sure that’s just my personal take on it.

The Video

Well, my first thoughts on this video was that there was definitely at least some minor inspiration taken from TWICE’s “Yes or Yes” MV, but I doubt that’s what anybody wants to talk about. So let’s just skim past that. The girls looked incredible as always, and as I’ve mentioned in the past, I really love the general aesthetic that WJSN has in their videos. There’s something nice and mysterious going on in each of their comebacks and the fantasy atmosphere is one that was not really tapped into before, especially not by girl groups, so I think it’s safe to say that they have a good hold on a unique concept.

As best I can tell, there’s not really a story or anything of that sort going on here, but there are a few different parts that are nice. Firstly, we see that Luda is typing on a typewriter at the beginning. This honestly is pretty underplayed, but we later see a newspaper that I’m going to assume she printed. I don’t recommend pausing on it to see if there’s any cute hidden messages - it mostly seems like a jumbled mess of Google translations, including a bizarre clip about YouTube. Anywho, the focal point of the newspaper was the WJSN image and headline, and in that vein I think that perhaps this was supposed to be more of how WJSN are making a name for themselves in their own way, or at least how they’re writing their own story in the K-pop world. This was a cute thought and idea, and I really love that it wasn’t too obvious within the video.

The other piece of imagery that I found intriguing was when the girls began to walk around with the lanterns. Oddly enough, though the Chinese members are missing in action, lanterns are famously symbolic within the context of the Chinese New Year. They’re a symbol of hope for a bright future, which does seem to coincide with WJSN wanting to make a name for themselves like with the newspaper clips. In fairness this theory is a bit weaker since Chinese New Year is technically still a month out, but perhaps the timing for the comeback was just not aligned.

The choreography was a bit more of a hit and miss factor for me this go around, though. While some parts looked clean and interesting, other pieces looked a bit awkward or stiff, something that I don’t think I’ve had to say about WJSN in the past. Overall, though, this video was enjoyable and dazzling enough to keep your eyes glued and coming back for more, which I’d say remains very much true to most WJSN music videos.


“La La Love” is a song that continues WJSN’s exploration of atmospheric, fantastical music with dreamy synths and mysterious vocal presentations. If you were a fan of basically any of WJSN’s past endeavors, I think that this song will appeal to you at its core. If you weren’t a fan of the group’s music and were hoping for something that was just a bit more on the earworm-y side of things, I think that the chorus might be more up your alley this go around, too. However, on the whole, if you could never find yourself interested in them, I don’t know that this comeback will be the one that changes your mind.

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