Wooyoung - Party Shots



Wooyoung is one of the members of 2PM, so it should be obvious that he's been around the block more than a few times. He's had his own solo career since 2012, and he's also made his solo debut in Japan on top of Korea. "Party Shots" is a sidetrack off of his latest mini-album, BYE, and is actually a remake of one of his Japanese songs from last year. While it's not new, it is translated into Korean and it was my first opportunity to review it, so that's exactly what I did!

The Song

The song starts off with anthem-like chanting while Wooyoung begins to increasingly shout about "party shots," as if he is demanding that somebody bring him some. A tonal kick drum pulses beneath all of this, pulling us into the first verse where electronic noise permeates the entirety of the instrumentals apart from that still-banging drum. Wooyoung raps at a moderate pace along with the beat, raising the pitch of his voice at the end of every line in a manner that's very easy to recreate. This adds a layer of instant catchiness from its ease of access for listeners.

The pre-chorus features a bulky bass drop while Wooyoung psuedo-drunkenly stumbles through some lyrics until the last bit where the drums elevate in speed and we're back at the chorus which is essentially the opener to the song plus some extra guys yelling out "shots" in the background, as well as a bit of an extension where Wooyoung cranks the song up just an extra notch. The second half of the song verse is actually an inverted reflection of the first, with Wooyoung's slurred and muddled pre-chorus becoming the verse, and the rapping portion becoming a transition to the bridge. The bridge features the classic slow down that you might expect, having Wooyoung sing before the final refrain.

There's a sense of familiarity throughout this song, though not in the meaning of having heard this beat before. Instead, the infectious thumping and nonstop party atmosphere are very reminiscent of LMFAO's style of music where it's just purely about having a good time. That's not a bad thing, though, as I do severely miss having LMFAO around for that type of sound. This song, despite being a remake from last year, still feels fresh and snipes its target of being a lively, fun jam with incredible precision. It's certainly not reinventing the wheel, but it's also not pretending to be doing so. 

The Video

The video opens up with a comical shot that's evocative of the image of traversing through a jungle in a movie scene. It's clearly just some houseplants stuffed into a garage, but that's what makes it humorous. We then get some shots of Wooyoung's mouth, complete with grill, and him at a table with some girls, a guy in a clown mask, and another guy with a chicken drawing plastered over his face. They start banging on the table while Wooyoung begins to call out for some party shots.

The rest of this video is just a chaotic mess of scenes of Wooyoung partying his heart out. People are jumping around everywhere, he's popping bottles, money is waved about like it's nothing, and honestly there is just way too many things to list out here. The main idea is that there is a massive rave-like party going on and it's all inside of his garage... yeah. 

The MV does little to take itself seriously, but I think that it really adds to the entertainment aspect of this song. It evokes the exact vibe that the song is trying to, and it really turns that feeling into a visual reality. It's certainly not the highest budget music video out there, but it's also not a cheap throwaway one, either. It does what it's supposed to and doesn't try to overextend itself into territories that it clearly does not need to, and I can certainly appreciate that.


While "Party Shots" isn't technically a brand new song, I still feel like this release was a ton of fun to watch, listen to, and review. 2PM's high-energy songs are always among my favorite, and Wooyoung certainly managed to recapture that mood on his own with this release. Again, this song does not break boundaries, but sometimes it's good to just let loose and have a good time and that's exactly what I think this song helps people to do. If you're stressed out and/or in need of a new party anthem, give "Party Shots" a listen.