YONG JUN HYUNG is a producer, rapper, and vocalist of the boy group HIGHLIGHT. Much like all of the boys of the group, he's a very talented artist and I was excited to hear that he was getting a solo comeback. The last time that he released anything past a single was all the way back in 2013, so it's certainly been long overdue. With that in mind, I really didn't know what to expect other than a high quality song, and that's all I went in hoping for.

The Song

I love that this song uses a great combination of thunderous drum smacks, fluffy piano melodies, and grooving bass lines. It makes for a very relaxing vibe that still has you wanting to move along with the beat. Yong Junhyung does a fantastic job of showing off his potential as both a rapper and as a vocalist, and the switches between those vocal styles are clean and smooth. The synth in the song is a lot more muddled than I would expect, but it ended up contrasting nicely against the cleaner piano notes.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the kind of wavy rolls when he sings the chorus. They really add a nice hook to the song that's great to sing along with. "Go Away" also just flows really well. It feels like there's no hitches when moving between the verses to the chorus, and those seamless transitions persist throughout every segment of the song. The song is logical, though in a way that makes it predictable and less surprising, but I personally feel that it doesn't affect the song in any negative way. It's not the catchiest pop tune I've heard this year, but it's a solid contender for this month so far.

The Video

Did anybody else notice the video starts off with him pushing the up button on his casette player and somehow it switches from track 4 to track 2? Regardless of that oddity, I liked how that actually teased the album, as both songs played correspond to those track numbers on it. This whole video seems to be telling a story about how YONG JUN HYUNG has a girlfriend that's just way too attached to him. This constant attention seems to have driven him to the point where he's just entirely uninterested, and possibly to the point of him being annoyed, as he keeps a very plain face for nearly the entire video.

I really dug a lot of what this video does, even if the idea is a fairly simple one. The way that he starts to pay attention to her and really starts to examine her and sees even the most minor of flaws was actually incredible. That alone could have been done very terribly and gone south quickly, but instead it comes off as humorous and tastefully so. Overall, the video seems to be pretty lighthearted and fun, and there's a good amount of interesting visuals that kept my attention and even had me wanting to replay some scenes.


YONG JUN HYUNG proves himself to be an incredibly capable artist with "Go Away," and even though that should be expected from a veteran in the scene, it's still nice to see. HIGHLIGHT as a whole really seems to be on a roll with group content and solo content, and I think this song only adds to that still-growing legacy. If you're a fan of groovy songs that are more on the chill side, definitely give this one a go.