Yoona - When The Wind Blows



Girls' Generation are definitely no strangers to the industry, having just celebrated their ten year anniversary last month. Yoona is also not unfamiliar to SM Station, having released a song in March of last year. Surprisingly, Girls' Generation has not participated in this new season of SM Station, making Yoona the first member to do so this year. Her previous song with 10cm, "Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway" was surprisingly good in my opinion, so I was clueless as to what I should expect from her this time around.

The Song

The song starts off with the beautiful sound of an acoustic guitar. Quick but soft hammer-ons and pull-offs are layered between delicately plucked chords and this riff carries throughout the song while Yoona's peaceful vocals supplement another layer of tranquility on top. Piano rolls in during the chorus while a kick drum arrives at the start of the second verse, both slowly adding in new elements to the song while keeping a similarly calm sound to it. The second chorus has all of these instruments kicked up just a slight notch in volume and effect, giving a nice sense of progression to an otherwise analogous melody.

Yoona is not known for being a great singer, but she has a vocal flavor that definitely shines through in this song. Similarly to her song from last year, the relaxing nature of acoustic guitar amplifies her timbre. If you were to compare the two songs, you'd note that she's using a much lower register overall this time. I personally think this works better for her; it's more natural and delivers a warmer characterization to the song. I'll admit that I was not expecting to like the song this much, but I've had it on replay and haven't gotten tired of it in the slightest. 

The Video

The music video shows off her acting skills that have been honed over the years of starring in several dramas, depicting Yoona reminiscing over memories of a guy she's seemingly broken up with at some point. There are several scenes of mundane activities, and I don't say that to sound negative. Everyday things are often what people miss the most when they're recalling memories they have of somebody. Imagery of spilled cereal, frowny face pancakes, and headphones resting on an otherwise empty chair all add to the bittersweet atmosphere.

Yoona's long been known for her outstanding beauty, and even so long after her debut she looks incredible. The ideas portrayed in the video aren't anything new by any means, but her acting ability captivated me while I was watching. I can't say that the video was one of my favorites or anything of that sort, but I did enjoy it for what it was. At the very least, SM put in more production value than I was expecting for an SM Station song, and it's certainly an improvement to what they'd given her last year. 


This song was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I haven't gotten the opportunity to look up the lyrics just yet, but Yoona did partake in helping to write them, so if there's quality content to be found in there, that only adds to my enjoyment of "When The Wind Blows." Seeing as several of the members of Girls' Generation have already received solo debuts and albums, I actually would love to see Yoona get one soon. I think it would be interesting to see more of the potential of her voice on its own. If you're a fan of soft acoustic songs, I highly recommend this one.