Yubin - Thank U Soooo Much



It’s been nearly half a year since Yubin made her solo debut, and while I may not have been the biggest fan, I thought that the song was decent enough for me to appreciate it for what it was. When I heard that she would be getting a comeback so soon, I was actually kind of surprised. JYP has a history of not really letting solo artists get many opportunities to crawl of the dungeon so to speak, but I guess Yubin herself has enough clout to possibly counteract that. Regardless, I didn’t really get to catch any teasers since I was doing some Thanksgiving stuff and catching up on other things, so I just went in hoping that this would be an improvement upon her last track.

The Song

This song isn’t quite as heavy on the funk - it’s not filthy and it’s not entirely groovy, either. It lies somewhere between all of those things while maintaining a nice pop underpinning and even a slice of some chill vibes. Similarly to “Lady,” this song opts to go for a less bold and striking flavor, instead sticking mostly to subdued bits of catchiness that leave you with just enough to have you wanting to set this song onto a permanent replay loop. There’s a solid amount of energy packed into the vocals with a mix of seduction and sass that keeps everything interesting.

I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised with what Yubin’s put out this time around. Whereas “Lady” had me feeling like there was just a little more to be desired, “Thank U Soooo Much” feels like there’s a purpose to the song lacking an overwhelmingly powerful hook to keep you addicted. One of my critiques for her debut was that I felt I didn’t really feel like hitting replay on it - an issue that seems to be solved in this comeback. While Yubin’s vocals still aren’t very strong, and likely will never be a force that leaves you wowed, I think that this type of song works really well to counterbalance that.

The Video

Much like the song, the video doesn’t entirely stray away from concepts and ideas that were initially held in her debut track, “Lady.” Shades of purple heavily dominate this video in a similar fashion, and of course much of the imagery is inspired by retro iconography. However, there’s also a clear divergent split, too. This video mixes in futuristic ideas for a bit more of a sci-fi fantasy appeal, and while it’s certainly not something that’s new in the K-pop world, it was a decent take on the idea.

Yubin looked fantastic, as should be expected, and I really liked the styles chosen for this video. The choreography seemed to be pretty heavily focused on hand movements, which is something that in general seems to be picking up in steam these days, but that’s not a bad thing. I thought they looked intricate enough to be interesting, which is particular impressive given the rather minimal amount of movement elsewhere on the body for the song.

As for the story going on in this video? I’m honestly pretty lost on it myself. It seems like most of it was just some silly fluff, but I suppose the general gist was that Yubin’s playing as two separate characters. One is the hacker in the room, one is the weird Dragonball Z-esque warrior.


“Thank U Soooo Much” is exactly what I wanted it to be - a step up from her debut without straying too far in a completely different direction that wouldn’t work for her. Her voice, sadly, is kind of limiting on what all she can pull off, but it was utilized excellently here in a way that’s completely competent and coherent within the song. If you’re a fan of retro songs that dig on some 80’s vibes without being overwhelming or loud, I think that this is definitely another great track from Yubin to add to your playlists.